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Window & Door Systems to Bring the Outdoors In

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

When you see a home that really connects to the outdoors, it definitely leaves an impression. Why can’t your home make you feel the same? Especially if you have land and/or great views, you’d be doing a disservice by hiding that natural beauty behind walls. Here are some ways you can blur the line between indoors and out and enjoy a brighter interior, no matter what you have to work with.

Marvin Skycove

New in 2020, the Marvin Skycove is a unique product that extends living space out, giving you the perfect seat for a view. Just imagine perching on the bench and basking in sunlight from the comfort of your interior. Extremely sturdy and easy to install, this’ll be a conversation starter for sure!

More Than a Window with a View

We don’t know of anybody who doesn’t love a window seat, so we were excited to see an innovation that expands on that idea at the 2020 International Builders’ Show. How would you like to have a windowed nook that projects out of the wall to give you sunlight and sights on four sides? That’s what you get with the Marvin Skycove! The inviting built-in bench can be customized to suit your style, and the glass will be chosen based on your climate zone to ensure efficiency. Just imagine how your family—including pets!—will enjoy catching some rays from the comfort of the indoors, all year round.

If you think there must be a catch—difficult installation, structural modifications, a restrictive weight limit—you’d be wrong. The Marvin Skycove comes fully assembled and can be fully installed in less than a day. Other than the opening itself, it doesn’t require alterations to the home’s structure; it’s great for new construction and renovations alike. The steel structure that supports the bench and windows is exceptionally strong, too. The seat supports 60 pounds per square foot, coming out ahead of the average deck rated at 50 pounds per square foot. With 16 to 20 square feet of additional livable space possible depending on the size you choose, this is a great way to open up your home!

Marvin Signature Ultimate Picture

Why lose great sights behind walls when you don’t have to? The Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Picture window offers expansive, uninterrupted panes to blur lines and frame views. Non-operable, energy-efficient, and available with hurricane-rated performance, these windows are as safe as they are beautiful.

More Window, Less Wall

Advances in glass manufacturing mean that you can get panes larger now than ever before, which is great news if you have a view lot. Consider your architecture before making any decisions—this option is naturally suited to modern homes, but it might not be advised for more traditional styles unless you tailor the windows to match the overall aesthetic. For example, modern architecture is often all about achieving the broadest sights, so thin frames and unobstructed windows that maximize glass are ideal. On the other hand, you may choose thicker frames—especially with wood interiors—and sashes and divided lites for rustic designs. Large windows of every type exist these days, so regardless of style, you’ll find plenty of options.

Floor-to-ceiling picture windows are a great choice if you really want to go for the “glass wall” effect, but other window types also work in series. Casement windows create a similar effect if you’re looking for an operational solution. A row of double hung windows installed frame-to-frame can be pretty stunning for traditional aesthetics, and you can even extend the look to the ceiling with transom windows. We often see a variety of windows used in tandem to fill great swaths of wall space—think of it like a collage of picture, casement, awning, and even corner and specialty shape windows. Not only does this keep it interesting, but it’s a good way to balance larger inoperable windows with smaller windows that open for fresh air.

Marvin Signature Modern Multi-Slide Door

Want to erase the wall entirely? The Marvin Signature™ Modern Multi-Slide Door comes in more than 30 uni-directional and bi-parting configurations to allow you to open up your space like never before. You can even choose whether the panels stack or disappear into a pocket when opened!

Doors That Erase Partitions

For spaces that connect to outdoor living, what better way to blur the inside/outside line than with sweeping patio or scenic doors? They come with all sorts of opening mechanisms that make it possible to span widths of up to almost 60 feet! Whether you’re looking at a slide-away or bi-folding door model, the panels stack up out of the way to practically remove the wall. Just imagine how you could open up your home during a backyard party, or create an exceptionally bright connection between a second-story bedroom or living space and a balcony.

If you have more traditional tastes, you could install multiple French doors on the same wall instead. They won’t completely open the interior, but they definitely deliver a classic style you can’t get otherwise. French doors are popular for historical architecture developed in hot climates, like Louisiana-style homes, Southwest house plans, and Mediterranean designs.

Check out Marvin® for all your window and door needs—they offer a variety of collections to complete homes of all styles. You’ll love the customization options from frame colors, to divided lite patterns, to hardware, and of course you get top-of-the-line performance as well. Find a local dealer to start discussing the possibilities for your home today!