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Elevate Your Home with an Eco-Friendly Exterior

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

With the whole world increasing focus on sustainability, many homeowners have renewed interest in building with natural materials. Wood checks all the eco-friendly boxes—it’s renewable with proper management, sequesters carbon to remove it from the atmosphere, and it breaks down safely at the end of its useful life. If you’re interested in installing natural wood cladding on your house and/or expanding your livable square footage with a deck, here’s what you can look forward to!

Kebony Character Cladding

This rustic Texas home features Kebony Character 90 Degree Shiplap (#2216) cladding across the entire exterior. The look perfectly suits the surrounding environment and also gives the home charm beyond its years.

Naturally Protective Cladding

Many people think that siding and cladding are the same thing, but that isn’t the case. They provide the same basic function, but cladding is thicker than siding and installs with furring strips instead of being nailed directly against the house’s exterior sheathing. This means that cladding doesn’t overlap and it creates a natural rainscreen system with a gap between the wall surface and the boards. While the wall is protected from most challenges the environment throws at it, any moisture that does get behind the cladding will be released through drainage or evaporation. A rain screen can provide greater peace of mind than siding, which often traps moisture intrusion against the house, especially if you live in an area with a wet climate or near a major body of water.

Kebony Character Cladding Shiplap

On closer inspection, you can see how Character cladding weathers and shows knots prominently. If you prefer a cleaner look, Clear cladding offers a more uniform appearance from installation through the years as it develops a patina.

Natural wood cladding makes a great choice from an aesthetic standpoint. Whether you use it across the whole house or as an accent in combination with other materials, there’s nothing quite like the unique textures and colors of wood. Install it vertically, horizontally, or in your own pattern—the built-in rainscreen means you get greater design flexibility, because you aren’t limited by the specific orientations siding needs to keep water out! You can also choose between clear grade cladding for a more subtle appearance and boards with plenty of knots to imbue rustic character. In either case, exposure to the elements will weather wood, so the color will shift from brown to grey as a patina develops. Don’t be afraid of the change—the patina provides a beautiful finish and actually protects the wood from damage. You won’t get this perk from other materials!

Kebony Deck Board

Kebony Deck Board can be installed four different ways. This deck uses Step-Clip Hidden Fasteners (#2637), which provide a screw-free surface, guarantee consistent spacing, and reduce installation time by up to half.

Durable & Adaptable Decking

Until recently, all decking was made of wood. The species might vary depending on your area and budget, but you wouldn’t find alternative materials. Nowadays, homeowners have additional choices, like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and composite decking. While they might seem attractive at first glance, manufactured faux woods don’t provide the same appeal. They come in limited, repetitive patterns and colors that look unnatural across the surface area of a deck. They’re also plastic, which means they can leach harmful chemicals into the environment and contribute to landfill waste at the end of their usable lives. Natural wood decks can even last longer than synthetic decks in many cases—depending on the material used and/or performing proper maintenance—so they’re a better investment for homeowners as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Kebony Deck Board

The deck, stairs, and seating around this pool are all made of Kebony Deck Board! Wood offers the best solution for a cohesive outdoor living space because it's familiar to contractors and easy to mill as needed.

Look at the whole picture when you shop for decking. Not all woods perform the same, and there’s a big difference between ready-milled decking and regular lumber when it comes to installation. Consider the cost of materials and labor together—you’ll find better value when you opt for quality decking. It takes less time and money to install, and you’re much more likely to be impressed by the final results.

If you’re in the market for natural wood features for your home, take a look at Kebony®. Cladding and decking are their most popular products, but they also offer beautiful outdoor furniture and millwork. Kebony® makes a wonderful choice from all angles—it’s made with sustainably harvested and modified pine, rivals the hardness and dimensional stability of tropical hardwoods, comes ready to install right to your jobsite, and offers up to a 35-year warranty depending on the application. Available through lumber yards across North America and for order online, it couldn’t be easier to make this exceptionally durable and eco-friendly natural wood cladding and decking part of your home. Request a quote today to get started!