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Summer Sale | Take 15% Off ALL House Plans | Code: SUMMER15


If you want to remodel your home, don't be intimidated! We've broken down the basics so you know where to start and what to expect to make your home perfect for yourself or resale.

Latest Remodeling Articles

Top Home Remodeling Trends

Demand for home improvements are changing as consumers are trending towards staying at home rather than taking an expensive vacation, which is good news for the home improvement industry. Since everyone enjoys gathering in the kitchen, consumers continue to crave an open and functional kitchen space with plenty of space for cooking, dining and socializing. This can easily be achieved by adding an island or peninsula into your kitchen design. Because you can see over and around them, they connect the kitchen to an adjacent dining area, living room or family room and yet define the kitchen's borders.

Important Considerations When Building A Home Addition

When interest rates drop and home equity loans become affordable, homeowners start to think about remodeling or adding an addition to update outdated styles or add more living space. Building an addition is a very exciting project, especially if your home was bought, rather than built by you. This is your chance to create a custom space with your personal touch.

5 Stages of Remodeling

Whether it's a full home addition or remodeling a room in your home, there are five distinct stages you can expect to go through: planning, budgeting, demolition, construction and cleanup. If you stay involved with each stage, particularly when it comes to selecting building products, you can ensure your project stays on track and on budget. This is the perfect time to think green by using eco-friendly building materials and energy efficient appliances, windows and lighting.

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