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Explore the Latest in Home Lighting


Lighting is important because it serves a practical purpose and has a huge effect on aesthetics. Make sure to take the style and the quality of your fixtures into account, too!

Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Park Harbor Paddock Outdoor Entrance Wall Light

If you have your heart set on a home with outdoor living space, make sure you make the most of it! Proper lighting will extend the time you can enjoy outside as well as enhance it with the particular style and ambiance you want. Your builder needs to run wiring to install fixtures, so think about light placement early on and imagine what you’d like to see there. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to selecting outdoor lighting fixtures!

Don't Be in the Dark: See How Light Affects Color

Colorful Craftsman Exterior

To understand how different types of light affect color you have to know a little about what light is, how it “works,” and its relationship to color. Light is one of the many waves found on the electromagnetic spectrum. Other waves on the spectrum include ultraviolet, radio, microwaves and x-rays. What differentiates light from the others is that it is the only one that can be detected by the human eye.

Types Of Lighting

LAMPS PLUS® Entryway

Ceiling fixtures, chandeliers and wall sconces are used to illuminate the way for movement throughout the home. Recessed can lights often are used to light hallways, stairs and circulation areas and do a good job of lighting the floor.

Lighting Up Your Home

cozy living room

One of the most important elements in home interior decorating is home lighting. Lighting is instrumental in setting the mood of any room. When deciding what lighting to use in your new home think about how each room will be used. This will allow you to choose fixtures that fit your style, budget, enhance your architectural features and are energy efficient and functional. To ensure you create the right effect in every room, you should understand the four basic types of home lighting.

Trends in Lighting

LAMPS PLUS® Dining Room with Pendant Lighting

You've built the perfect house, now it's time to light it up. From chandeliers over the dining room table to solar landscape lighting, find the perfect lighting designs for your home.