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A lot of little things go into completing a dream home, and this is a great place to look for ideas and finishing touches. From selecting the right stone accents to popular paint colors, you'll find it here!

Transitioning Your Home Décor for the Holidays

Fall Wreath

The holiday season is right around the corner. As the weather gets cooler and the nights get longer, homes all across the country are being decorated with holiday spirit. From the warm colors of fall and Thanksgiving to the cozy feeling of Christmastime, and even a touch of spooky to start us off for Halloween, the holidays are a wonderful part of year. But for many, decorating for the holidays can be troublesome. Don’t let the stress of decorating take the fun out of the season! Follow these simple steps to easily transition home decorations as you show off your holiday cheer.

Lovely Closets & Built-in Organizational Systems

ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Master Closet

Well-thought-out closet, storage, and organizational systems can make a huge difference and maximize the space in your new home. People gravitate toward house plans with built-ins detailed in the blueprints, without realizing that any design can be outfitted with the shelves, hutches, cubbies, hanging space, and benches of their choice. If you’re in the market for great closet systems or other storage solutions, check out some of these ideas and think about how you can transform the usability of your space before moving in!

How to Design a Great Master Suite

House Plan 9664 Floor Plan

Designing your own personal space is very important to help you get that “at home” feeling. To most people, bedrooms are a getaway, a mini vacation away from our everyday lives. There could be many different reasons to want a change. Most homeowners design their room with style in mind, to promote better sleep, and/or to address accessibility if they plan to age in place. Before you start on building or renovating, you should establish your wants and your needs for your bedroom.

Stylish Storage Solutions to Organize Your Home

Closet Factory Custom Closet

Keeping a home organized doesn’t have to be hard, but it sure can be. Whether clutter seems inevitable, you always have trouble finding what you need, or downsizing has left you wondering how to store essentials, you can get around the difficulty with some careful planning. Having the right framework to fill closets, pantries, and other key storage areas makes all the difference, and it can even add aesthetic. Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favorite organization systems!

Popular Siding Colors for 2017

LP SmartSide Lap Siding

People who build their own homes have a lot of opinions about how they should look, but usually little insight into how to achieve that final image. Especially when it comes to exterior design, a professional opinion goes a long way to turn simple house plans into a beautiful new home. Siding can be a base on which accents like shutters and doors stand out, or it can be a striking canvas on its own. Take architectural style and surroundings into account and see what kinds of colors are popular for today’s new construction!