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Explore the Latest in Plumbing Fixtures


With fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms of all styles, Signature Hardware® is our architects' top choice for all plumbing needs and will allow you to build the personalized spaces you want.

Explore the Latest in Plumbing Fixtures

How to Design Your Kitchen for Better Utility

Signature Hardware 46" Tansi Double-Bowl Drop-In Sink with Drain Board

It’s where everybody gathers and where most daily housework takes place, so make sure your kitchen is ready to serve your needs! Great kitchens sell houses for a reason, and whether you want to enjoy your new build for the foreseeable future or you plan to resell, you can’t go wrong investing in a well-designed kitchen. While big-ticket components like appliances and countertops dominate attention, don’t forget to consider the smaller parts that keep it all working nicely. Here are some ways you can design your kitchen to help you work smarter, not harder.

How to Design a Stunning Bathroom

Signature Hardware Farland Frameless Shower Door

Bathrooms demand a lot of attention when you build a home. There are so many fixtures and finishes to choose, and you have to decide on the style and sorts of functions you want. Be sure to prioritize this space—you don’t want to leave it to the last minute and end up with plain stock products! Here are some ways to build a beautiful bathroom that you’ll appreciate every single day.

How to Design a Chic Modern Bathroom

American Standard Townsend Freestanding Tub

Who doesn’t like a clean bathroom? With modern design principles, you can put together a stunning bathroom that radiates cleanliness from its very base! That’s why so many people—homeowners as well as hospitality professionals—choose this aesthetic for bathrooms regardless of the style of the residence.

Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink

Signature Hardware 43" Selkirk Drop-In Sink

Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink. You will be choosing from several different styles, colors, textures, materials, and costs.

Top Upgrades to Enhance Your Kitchen

Signature Hardware Cypress Single-Hole Pull-Out Faucet

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen—it’s where you go to start your morning and likely the first place you visit when you return home. It’s also the part of the house that has the most features and gadgets, and where you can make some pretty cool upgrades that will improve the value of your entire home and the quality of your time spent there. If you think your kitchen could use an update, here are five places to consider making a change!