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What Consumers Want In Faucets

What Consumers Want In Faucets Functionality, Style, Convenience

No two consumers are the same. But when it comes to kitchens and baths, research from leading faucet manufacturers like Delta, American Standard, Moen and Kohler shows that most homeowners want functionality, style and convenience. This is particularly true in new home construction where homeowners are taking an active role in selecting the products that go into the design and functionality of their new kitchen and bath.

Here are some interesting facts about what consumers want and expect from today's faucets:

70% of home purchase decisions are made by women.

"Women are 'drivers' in the marketplace, making nearly 70% of purchase decisions in the home. These days, women are not just choosing products by their aesthetic properties, but are also factoring in their functionality in addition to the added convenience they offer in the home," said Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design, Delta Faucet Company.

70% of consumers prefer a pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucet when investing more than $100 in their purchase. Our tech-savvy society has grown accustomed to products that offer flexibility, greater efficiency and improve our lifestyles.

"Given this trend, it's no surprise that pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets are one of the fastest growing faucet categories," says Brian Jones, senior product development manager, kitchen solutions, Delta Faucet Company. "Easy-to-use pull-outs and pull-downs offer enhanced functionality in the kitchen." Pull-downs are typically grasped like a handshake, whereas pull-outs are usually grabbed from the side. Consumers can experiment with faucets on display at a local showroom or retailer to determine which is the most comfortable for them to use.

70% of consumers prefer traditional or casual styling. With numerous design options and the endless ability to customize, consumers express their personalities and sense of style through their home décor. Most of today's consumers are seeking a traditional or casual look.

"The traditional style is an American mainstay, subtly evolving each year as it's reinterpreted by new generations," said Lord. "Today's traditional movement is all about refined, sophisticated spaces in rich, luxurious hues like deep mochas, oil-rubbed bronzes, brushed nickels and weathered brasses and golds."

"Creating a relaxing, Zen-like atmosphere is one of the biggest movements in the casual style today," adds Lord. "Natural materials that feel good to the touch along with organically inspired objects help created the desired look in the space."

70% of consumers prefer a dual-function shower system. Dual-function showers, which allow separate volume and temperature adjustments, provide more control over the shower experience.

"For day-to-day convenience, users can leave the temperature control in their preferred position to enjoy shower after shower at the same temperature," explains Paul Patton, senior product development manager, Delta Faucet Company. "They can also adjust the volume control for a soft, soothing shower or a more intense spray."

Information, courtesy of Delta Faucet Company.