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Do you know what an R-value is? How about the pros and cons of different types of insulation? Even if you never see it, the quality of your insulation will significantly affect your utility bills!

Know Your R-Value

Worker installing insulation

Every area in your home has a recommended R-value, which is the insulation material's resistance to heat flow. It may not be a conversation your contractor wants to have with you, but one well worth the time and in the long haul - well worth the money. Contractors can dazzle homeowners with top-of-the-line furnaces, wood burning stoves and fireplaces, but none of that will matter if the insulation isn't adequate enough to keep the heat in.

Insulating Your Home

Insulating Your Home

When properly installed in your floors, walls & ceilings, this product is maintenance free & quietly does its job for the life of your home

Insulating Properly

THD-5546 Weston House Plan for Sloped Lots

Insulation is one of the keys to a comfortable, energy-efficient home. But simply having the right amount of insulation is not enough. If insulation is not properly installed, a home can have excessive heat gain during the summer and heat loss in the winter-forcing the heating and cooling systems to work overtime.

How to Weatherize Your Home For Winter

Simonton Stormbreaker

When the weather gets colder, we tend to turn up the thermostat. Of course, the downside to this is a rise in heating costs. While everyone loves holiday presents, a big heating bill is something we’d rather not discover in the mailbox. Fortunately there are a few simple tricks to keep your home cozy and warm without spending a fortune.

Beyond Insulation: Innovative Products to Insulate Your Home

Insulated Siding

While insulation remains the main ingredient in blanketing your home in energy efficiency, combined with innovative products like insulated siding, entry doors, garage doors and energy efficient windows, you can maximize your savings on heating and cooling.