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Summer Sale | Take 15% Off ALL House Plans | Code: SUMMER15

The Home of Tomorrow: Smart Homes with All The Options

by Lauren Busser The House Designers’ Editorial Director

In today’s world of smart technology it is easier than ever to know exactly what's happening at your home whether you're there or not. Available now are door locks that photograph people who enter or exit your home, systems that send streaming audio/video to your phone, and even security systems that immediately and remotely alert you to dangers like flooding or CO buildup. Though the applications are diverse and the technology advanced, the smart home systems on the market today are functional, easy to use and are designed to 'run-in-the-background' and blend into your lifestyle rather than intrude.

Smart home systems can be used for a number of functions including energy management, light control, and security. You have probably come across one or more commercials that advertise home surveillance or home management. In today’s digital age, controlling a high-tech home system is as easy as running a smart phone app. As popular as these systems are right now, the market is expected to grow tremendously by 2016.

SAVANT Intelligent Lighting

You can get eco-friendly lighting control with SAVANT’s® Intelligent Lighting package. The Intelligent Lighting package features automated lighting control sensors that dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied and a 'Goodnight' feature lets you turn off all interior lights while simultaneously turning on outdoor lighting, with one touch of a button. And if you are away from home, you can remotely monitor your home with your iPhone® or iPod touch.®

Fully automated, robotic homes like ones in The Jetsons may still be down the road a bit but with Wi-Fi and Z-Wave™ technology it is possible to connect cameras, thermostats, and door sensors right to your computer, tablet, or smart phone and with these applications you can do things like remotely unlock the front door when your child forgets their keys, or crank up the heat on your commute home from work.

The great thing about home automation is that a lot of it is designed with technology that you already own. Companies like SAVANT® offer total home automation systems that work in conjunction with your Apple® iPhone® or iPad® to give you complete control. By using Wi-Fi and integrated products, SAVANT® addresses control, automation, lighting, digital display, energy management, telephony, and media integration needs.

SAVANT Home Theater System

Are you a movie buff? Then you might want to consider SAVANT’s® Home Theater package. This fully integrated package turns your family’s media room into a home theater with an intelligent control system that puts media, intelligent lighting, curtains, temperature control and more at your fingertips. With this package you get an HD picture and heart-pounding 7.1 surround sound with complete A/V control. You also get access to streaming content from online sources like YouTube™ and Hulu™.

With SAVANT’s® copious offerings, you don’t have to think of home automation as being just for energy management and security. In addition to energy management services, SAVANT® offers packages like Whole-House Audio so you can rock out to your favorite bands or an automated Home Theater that allows you to control everything from your media to intelligent lighting to room temperature, easily.

The best thing about SAVANT’s® home automation systems is that they are designed to be expandable. You can easily install the technology in your media room and later expand it to full-house audio or use it to create your dream smart home.

Whether you are looking to add home automation to one aspect of your new house or you want complete control of your home even when you are away, systems like ones from SAVANT® put control at your fingertips.

Traverse House Plan Great Room

If home automation is something you want in your new home, the Traverse house plan is the perfect home for you. With contemporary styling, your technology will blend seamlessly into this great room.


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