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Kitchen Designs


For finishing a kitchen, we recommend the reliability and updated yet timeless look of Whirlpool® and KitchenAid® appliances. When a truly luxurious design is the goal, JennAir® answers the call.

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What to Consider When Shopping for a Range

Whirlpool Guided Electric Front Control Range

Outfitting a kitchen isn’t a simple undertaking. Choosing every feature is an act in balancing aesthetics, functionality, and the all-important budget. Of course, appliances are a major part of kitchen design, and the range is where most of the magic happens—make sure you find one that’ll work perfectly for your needs! While you’ll see all sorts of bells and whistles on large commercial-style appliances and separate cooktops and wall ovens, this article will cover the possibilities available in the humble range of typical size.

How to Design Your Kitchen for Better Utility

Signature Hardware 46" Tansi Double-Bowl Drop-In Sink with Drain Board

It’s where everybody gathers and where most daily housework takes place, so make sure your kitchen is ready to serve your needs! Great kitchens sell houses for a reason, and whether you want to enjoy your new build for the foreseeable future or you plan to resell, you can’t go wrong investing in a well-designed kitchen. While big-ticket components like appliances and countertops dominate attention, don’t forget to consider the smaller parts that keep it all working nicely. Here are some ways you can design your kitchen to help you work smarter, not harder.

Choosing the Best Range Hood for Your Kitchen

KitchenAid 36" 5 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop

Most homeowners get excited about new appliances, whether they’re drawn in by the latest in storage, cooking, or cleanup technology. But if there’s one piece overlooked in the excitement, it’s usually the ventilation hood. While this might not be the most glamorous part of the suite—a matter of opinion, of course—the range hood performs an important function by removing steam, airborne smoke and grease particles, and cooking odors before they can settle into surfaces. It protects your kitchen and the whole house by drawing pollutants out! Range hoods come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with a variety of different functions, so here’s what you should keep in mind as you shop.

How to Build Your Own Fabulous Kitchen

 KitchenAid appliances provide a high-end functionality.

Kitchen finishes can be broken down into three simple categories: the appliances, the surfaces, and the built-ins. Focusing on these crucial areas allows the space to take shape, resulting in a stylish yet functional area that is sure to add value to your home.

Unique Appliances to Customize Your Kitchen

KitchenAid SmartOven+

There are many ways to customize your kitchen by choosing appliances that go beyond the regular suite, so be sure to acquaint yourself with all the options! Your lifestyle and family needs will likely determine what piques your interest, but here are some of our favorite ways to pack extra functionality into this space. We’ve included convenient extras as well as state-of-the-art products that offer more than you’re used to—get ready to start thinking of how you want your kitchen to serve you!

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