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From stylish faucets to custom, heated tile floors, today's bathrooms are a combination of aesthetic and functional design. Explore these innovative ideas to inspire your spa bath retreat!

Explore the Latest in Bathrooms

How to Design a Chic Modern Bathroom

American Standard Townsend Freestanding Tub

Who doesn’t like a clean bathroom? With modern design principles, you can put together a stunning bathroom that radiates cleanliness from its very base! That’s why so many people—homeowners as well as hospitality professionals—choose this aesthetic for bathrooms regardless of the style of the residence.

Ways to Increase Convenience in Your Bathroom

Pfister Savannah 3-Handle Tub with Handshower

When you design a bathroom around convenience, you’ll never want to return to basics. While the most user-friendly bathrooms are specifically designed to serve people with mobility concerns, anybody is free to draw inspiration from them. Universal design is only growing in popularity as more homeowners plan for their own futures and for resale, so a convenient bathroom is a fantastic investment no matter your situation.

4 Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Moen Tension Curved Shower Rod

Think you can't possibly fit all the amenities and storage you need into your small bathroom? Want to make it feel more spacious? We have a few helpful tips to aid you creating a bathroom that looks bigger while still giving you all the storage and convenience you will find in larger bathrooms.

In Deep Water: Selecting Tubs for Your Clients

Mansfield Plumbing MicroDerm Therapeutic Bath

Baths are where people go to unwind, so you want to pick the best one to provide this important service. Ask your clients what they're looking for in a bath, and recommend ADA-compliant tubs that will serve them throughout the years. Plan a bathroom for now and the future, and the owners will appreciate it forever!

Flush with Success: 3 Key Tips for Selecting Toilets

Mansfield Plumbing Brentwood Suite Toilet

Creating a functional and beautiful bathroom can be tricky, but you definitely want to maximize these aspects to produce a comfortable experience for homeowners. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when selecting toilets for your builds. Not only will the current owners appreciate them, but so will future ones!

Designing Your Kids Bath: How to Make It Fun

Most of us have heard parents complain that their kids do not brush their teeth long enough, are always in a hurry to wash their hands or they do not take enough time for bathing. Well, maybe that's because their bathroom space is so boring, that they can't wait get out. If you create a space that is tailor-made just for them with all the right accessories and décor you should be able to get them to follow their daily cleanliness routine without it being a challenge.

The Bold Look of Vessel Sinks

American Standard Loft Counter Vessel Space

Upscale public restrooms and restaurants inspire many bathroom trends. This is particularly true when it comes to bathroom sinks. One of the hottest trends to hit residential bathrooms is the vessel sink, which sits above the bathroom countertop and can be made from almost any material. Unlike most traditional sink designs, vessel sinks offer unlimited style and design possibilities.