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Decking Materials

Decking Materials Once you have designed your deck, now it's time to decide what material you will use to build your deck. Should you use pressure-treated wood, cedar, exotic wood or manufactured materials like plastic and composite? Here is some helpful information about the different materials available to you, so you can build your dream deck:

Pressure-Treated Pine

The most common deck material is pressure-treated pine. It can last for many years if it is properly maintained. No matter how often a pressure-treated pine deck is sealed, pressure-treated lumber can still warp. When it comes to saving money without sacrificing quality, pressure-treated lumber will provide many years of outdoor luxury and beauty.

Wood Composites

Wood composite is a popular decking material option that combines wood fiber and vinyl, which makes it strong, easy to maintain and provides realistic wood textures. Unlike lumber, wood composite doesn't warp, shrink or split. One of the most recognized brands is Trex, but there are several others on the market, including Brite, TimberTech, and CorrectDeck.

Carefree Vinyl

Carefree vinyl decking material is designed to look like real wood, much like vinyl siding does. Vinyl is available in a wide range of colors and shades. Since vinyl doesn't fade and is easy to clean, your deck can maintain its original look for years to come.

Exotic Wood

There are several "exotic" woods that are used on high-end deck projects, including ipe, mahogany, cambara, and Tiger Deck, the brand name for a Latin American relative of the cashew tree. They're all durable, with natural rot and pest-resistant characteristics but they are generally used to give your deck a "one of a kind" look.


Western Red Cedar has always been a favored wood because of its reputation for durability, versatility and beauty. It's a natural wood that complements any architectural style and blends into all landscapes.

There are so many options available when it comes to choosing and designing your front entryway that you'll want to check out as many product lines as you can. Most door manufacturers offer several different lines designed to complement specific architectural styles, such as Craftsman, Traditional, Old World European and Southwestern.