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7 Steps to Selecting and Building Your Dream Home

Are you tired of searching for your dream home, and thinking about building a house yourself? If you're planning some new home construction, let us help! This comprehensive checklist walks you through every major step in the home building process. From estimating plan costs, to searching for builders and house plans, The House Designers can help!


June 10, 2021 

Introducing THD-9107

Introducing THD-9107

New to our America's Choice Collection, we're pleased to introduce House Plan 9107! This beautiful ranch design based on House Plan 3305 boasts a unique floor plan with 3 split bedroom suites, formal dining, flex space off the foyer, a country kitchen, and a family room with a fireplace in 2,140 square feet. In back, you'll find a deck and a screened porch. Take a closer look and see if this is the home for you!

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The Remkes Build a Modern Farmhouse in Georgia

The Remkes family wanted the perfect modern farmhouse to complete their new homestead in suburban Atlanta. With an inclusive open floor plan, THD-3404 offered the right vibe for this millennial couple and their young kids. See how they made modifications and outfitted the home to fulfill their dreams for a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle!

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Narrow Homes with a Garage

Narrow Homes with a Garage

If your lot is limited in width or size in general, but you still want indoor parking, explore our narrow homes with a garage! These efficient and affordable plans are packed full of style. They're made for all sorts of lots with limited frontages, making them great for building anywhere from a bustling city to a tight subdivision in the suburbs. Explore our vast array of ready-to-build ...

The Best Homes for Newlyweds

The Best Homes for Newlyweds

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Celebrate this momentous occasion by exploring some of the best homes for newlyweds! Whether it's a home for a short time or forever, these designs are just as unique as the families they serve! Here at The House Designers, we always look for reasons to celebrate. And there is no bigger or better celebration than tying the knot! The perfect cherry-on-top ...

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Step-By-Step Building Guide

The House Designers understands how exciting it is to build a new home! In an effort to make the process easier, we have put together this step-by-step home building guide to help you understand the different building phases and how it all comes together.

Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms

You may have come across the term 'ICF' or 'Concrete house plan' in your search to find your dream home and may be wondering just what is meant by this term. ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form and refers to an alternative to conventional timber framing construction.

How Many Trees Does it Take to Build a Home?

The first step to putting up the frame of a house is typically a trip to a lumberyard to pick up ready-cut pieces of wood, but that wasn't always the case. Back in the old days, when houses were usually built by the soon-to-be homeowners, people had to harvest trees themselves.