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Managing Your Move

Managing Your Move Below is a four-week schedule checklist for managing your move.

Four Weeks from Move Date

  • Get estimates from moving companies.
  • Check references and insurance availability for damages that may happen during the move or packing.
  • Notify your doctors, dentists, etc and ask them if they can refer you to anyone in the new town.
  • Get boxes and packing material.
  • Cancel memberships and services that you pay for monthly which are specific to your location - gyms, garbage collection, etc.
  • Have school records transferred if your children will be attending a new school district.

Three Weeks from Move Date

  • Start packing and labeling the boxes.
  • Create and inventory checklist and organize the packed boxes.
  • Have the utilities turned on at the new home.
  • Do a change of address at the Post Office.

Two Weeks from Move Date

  • Talk to your new home's builder and coordinate the move. If you must move from your old home before the new one is ready, have a backup plan in place to stay somewhere - motel, friends, family.

One Week from Move Date

  • Cancel or transfer utility accounts from old home.
  • Call moving company and confirm dates and arrangements.
  • Consider moving very fragile items and family heirlooms yourself.

Moving Day

  • Do one last inspection of the old home.
  • Be at the new home when the movers arrive. If possible ask extra people you know to help supervise the moving, packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading.
  • Go through the inventory checklist. Make sure everything has arrived safely and undamaged before signing the mover's paperwork.

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