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Durable and Sustainable Quartz Countertops

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

When it comes to choosing countertops, you have plenty of options. Should you opt for natural stone slabs, or go with a manmade product? It’s not just a matter of cost, because you’ll find that maintenance and damage concerns vary widely across all categories. If you want a material that makes the choice easy, look into quartz countertops—they come in all sorts of beautiful patterns and offer outstanding durability. Here’s why we love them!

Wilsonart Quartz Dinant

Ideal for bold industrial modern designs, Dinant features a dark background with light specks and veining. This quartz countertop has a lovely pattern, perfect for those who want to bring the night sky inside!

A Variety of Beautiful Looks

Quartz countertops are primarily composed of natural quartz crystals and may incorporate other materials like glass and metallic flecks to achieve particular looks. The possibilities are practically endless with so many colors and patterns available, and they’re not limited by what can be found in a quarry. Best of all, the final product is within human control when it’s all put together to ensure you receive an attractive slab, whichever style you choose.

If you have your eye on natural stone countertops like marble or granite, check out some beautiful quartz patterns that look identical. You’ll find veining as well as rough and fine speckle patterns in a range of light, dark, warm, cool, and neutral bases. Or perhaps you’re looking for a statement solid? Maybe a striking terrazzo? Just about everything’s achievable with quartz, so you definitely won’t feel limited by the variety from an aesthetic standpoint. And because it’s a manmade product, there’s more control over the slab itself—perfect if you want to dictate the thickness of the piece or use larger sizes that reduce the number of seams in your work surface. Quartz countertops really can cover most design wants and needs!

Wilsonart Quartz Badaling

The warm coloration of Badaling with subtle charcoal veining makes it an awesome choice for the cheerful, welcoming kitchen of your dreams. Perhaps you want to match a Mediterranean or Southwestern scheme?

Outstanding Durability

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on the planet. Manufacturers typically mix over 90% quartz crystals with some pigments and binders to create an exceptionally hardy, nonporous surface. This takes the best of the natural material and makes it better, because porosity is the greatest weakness of stone countertops. If you’ve ever looked into marble or granite, you’ll know they require ongoing maintenance and some special consideration to keep them in good condition. With its engineering, quartz is better able to withstand daily challenges, and it won’t need resealing, either.

Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere, countertops are subject to splashes, abrasive forces, impacts, and more. You’ve probably seen stained, scratched, and cracked countertops before, so you know how easy it is to damage some surfaces. Engineered quartz is hard but not brittle, and its density means liquids won’t be absorbed; this prevents it from discoloring, suffering acid wear, and even harboring germs. If you want a surface that doesn’t need coddling and is in it for the long haul, this is an awesome choice.

Wilsonart Quartz Sangda Falls

Sangda Falls offers a dramatic range of colors and a granite-like pattern, but unlike natural stone, it’s nonporous, resistant to physical damage, and requires very little in terms of maintenance. You can learn more about quartz performance here.

Sustainability for the Eco-Minded

If you’re concerned with your impact on the environment, you could get lost comparing the pros and cons of every building decision. Luckily, quartz comes out ahead of other countertop materials for a number of reasons! First, it is the most abundant mineral on Earth’s surface, so it’s not in limited supply. Second, raw quartz doesn’t need to be treated gently, which eliminates waste from breakage and maximizes its usability. The final product is also much less likely to break in transit than natural stone. Third, it offers very low emissions and a non-porous work surface for food prep for added protection; it shares this characteristic with some other man-made materials. Look for environmental ratings and safety compliance certifications when you shop. For the eco-minded consumer, nothing beats this variety of benefits!

If you’re in the market for quartz countertops, check out the patterns and slab options—including jumbo sizes—available from Wilsonart. They offer lovely solutions that’ll elevate your kitchen and bathrooms in terms of style and sensibility. Wilsonart® Quartz meets industry standards including UL GREENGUARD Gold for indoor air quality, and NSF International and Kosher compliances, meaning they're safe surfaces for food preparation. Check out their Design Library to see what sparks your interest, and feel free to pick the one(s) you love!