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Explore the Latest in Skylights & Roof Windows

Skylights & Roof Windows

Skylights create healthier homes by adding natural light and fresh air. Our architects prefer VELUX® skylights with their wide range of dependable and customizable products including roof windows.

How Skylights Boost Household Efficiency

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights

If you want to build a greener home, be sure to explore skylight options! Not only can they cut your electricity usage by reducing the need for artificial light, but they can also save energy by helping with climate control. Today’s skylights are a world away from the first versions that earned a bad reputation for leaking—they offer better glass and multiple layers of protection to maintain a tight building envelope. Here’s why skylights should be included as part of any energy-efficient home.

Skylights for Every Roof Pitch & Ceiling

VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight

There’s not a homeowner around who doesn’t want to reap the benefits of natural light. Free and uplifting, it’s the cure to a dark and dreary interior, but some think their homes aren’t designed to utilize it. Well, there are lots of ways that skylights adapt—check out these skylights that work for whatever you have!

How Automated Skylights Improve Your Home

VELUX Skylight Blinds

If you’re thinking of installing skylights in your new home, or retrofitting them into a renovation, chances are you’re primarily concerned with adding natural light to your interior. That’s definitely their main selling point, but skylights can also do so much more. You can add darkening or diffusing blinds to tailor lighting throughout the day, and if you opt for an operational model, you can open skylights to refresh your indoor air. Here’s why you should consider automated skylights for the betterment of your home!

Why You'll Love Solar-Powered Skylights & Blinds


Skylights have the power to completely transform your interior, so make sure to invest in products that upgrade your home and how you experience it. You can’t go wrong with an energy-efficient choice, either. The advantages of solar-powered skylights have today’s homeowners reconsidering what they think they know about outfitting their ceilings for natural lighting—here’s why these products could make an awesome addition to your space!

Sunny Lighting Solutions for Your Home

VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights

Electricity is expensive, and we all could do a little more to preserve the environment. If you'd like to cut your bills and help make a positive impact, why not invest in some natural lighting measures? You might be surprised by the range of options available—and the fact that many offer federal tax credits to significantly offset their cost. Here are some of our favorite ways to reduce your dependence on electricity and add a little natural sunshine into your home!