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Skylight Sizes for All Around the House

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

If you think a skylight’s just a skylight, think again! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to bring natural light wherever you need it, so long as the ceiling sits below the roof and not another story. Whether you’d like to illuminate a main living space, bonus, or closet, here are some skylight options to consider!

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights

Sun Tunnel® Skylights capture light from the roof and direct it down inside through a highly reflective tunnel. They’re adaptable and can be used for small and big rooms alike!

Skylights for Small Spaces

Most people see skylights in large spaces like great rooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate natural light elsewhere. If the typical pane-style skylight won’t work for whatever reason, look into something called a Sun Tunnel skylight instead. These are popular for closets, hallways, interior bathrooms, and laundry rooms, but we’ve seen them used in just about every room. Their smaller size makes them uniquely adaptable and they can even mimic the look of regular recessed lighting, so Sun Tunnels are perfect for anybody who wants to cut their electricity dependence.

A Sun Tunnel is a special kind of skylight that takes sunlight from the roof and brings it down through the attic to shine inside. On the roof side, they can be flat for a super low profile or domed, following the slant of the roof or pitched to capture more light throughout the day. The highly reflective tunnel can be rigid for straight shots through the attic or flexible to get around obstructions like beams and ductwork. Finally, you can fit different diffusers to the interior end of the tube to tailor how the light affects your space. Sun Tunnels are extremely adaptable and they’re quick and easy to install, so they make a great investment for a budget!

VELUX Solar-Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights

Solar-Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights install as easily as fixed skylights but can vent to improve indoor air quality. You can also install light filtering or room darkening shades to control the light coming in as you like.

Standard Skylights

Typical skylights consist of large panes of glass that bring plenty of light as well as sky views inside. You’ll see them installed in great rooms with vaulted ceilings most often—because that’s where they can effectively brighten as much space as possible—but they’re also popular in kitchens, master bedrooms, and bonus rooms. Regular sloped-roof skylights are compatible with flat ceilings—your installer just has to install a light well to bridge the attic gap—and there are also flat-roof skylights, so there are options for every sort of roof and ceiling configuration as long as you have space to work with.

There’s nothing standard about standard-sized skylights! You’ll find a number of different products with a range of functional benefits. For example, many people prefer skylights with shades that can diffuse or block light; these are ideal if you want to soften light when it’s particularly harsh or block it out completely to sleep in. You can also choose fixed skylights that do not open, or operable ones—either manual, electric, or solar-powered—that open to provide natural ventilation. Given their position on the ceiling, skylights are ideal for releasing hot, stale air, and some homeowners even install them in bathrooms to take care of steam. If you want healthier indoor air quality, this is a great way to get it!

VELUX SkyMax Skylights

SkyMax Skylights can be up to 10 feet across for a maximum of 35 square feet per pane—that means they double the area of a standard skylight!

Large-Span Skylights

Do you have a truly large span of ceiling to work with? Perhaps a series of regular skylights just doesn’t look right? This is where extra-large skylights shine! Not only do they bring tons of light in, but they also provide impressive sky views to help blur the line between indoors and out. The effect is particularly bold, so these skylights are most often seen in contemporary homes, but they’re a good fit for any luxury design with breadth to fill. However, it's important to remember that glass is heavy, so larger skylights do not open and can’t be use for venting.

VELUX E-Class Skylights

E-Class Skylights come in standard and custom sizes, in both fixed and venting styles! If you need a uniquely shaped skylight for a tricky spot, this is a great option.

Custom Skylights

If you have trouble finding suitable skylights due to an awkwardly shaped space, don’t despair! Most product lines offer a variety of sizes, but you can also go the custom route if necessary. Just make sure to have a professional take the measurements, because proper dimensions are critical to fit and installation success. Not sure if skylights are even viable for your home? Get a consultation anyway and let the experts decide the best course of action!

Whatever sort of skylights you need to complete your home to perfection, take a look at VELUX®. Their catalog includes solutions for every design need and practical challenge—you’ll find a range of skylight sizes, custom capabilities, and there are even impact-rated options for hurricane zones and special products for areas that experience wildfires! VELUX® also offers shades and blinds so you can finish your skylights to match your décor. Connect with a professional to see what they can do for you and your home!