10 Affordable Products for a Healthy Landscape

Improving and maintaining the curb appeal of your home requires a lush and healthy landscape, and home centers offer several affordable and effective lawn and garden products that are specifically designed for DIY application. If you’re new to lawn care, these reasonably priced products can help you grow a green lawn, beautiful blooms, and sturdy

Customize Your House Plan

Save time and money by letting The House Designers customize your house plan to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy. Follow these simple steps, then sit back, relax, and let us create your dream home! Find Your Dream Home Plan TheHouseDesigners.com is the perfect place to start your home

Home Styles & How to Identify Them

The countless architectural home styles can make things quite confusing, especially when choosing a home plan. You know what you like, but when you think “curb appeal” what style is that exactly? You don’t need to be a professional architect know the difference between home styles – although it can feel that way! We can

Why Build a One Story Home?

Why build a one story home? Simply put, single level and ranch style home plans have incredible resale value, family-friendly designs, and easily grow with your family and lifestyle! Let’s take a look at the much-sought-after benefits of the single story floor plan – your future self will thank you. Check out our full collection