Homes with the Best Great Rooms

Usually the centerpiece of any plan, your main living spaces should definitely be a key consideration, so check out these homes with the best great rooms. Whether you are looking to entertain crowds or host family game nights, these designs can do it all. See for yourself why great rooms truly are so “great”! With

The Best Homes for Young Adults

Growing up, everyone dreams of saving enough money to buy their first home. No matter the size or style, homeownership is part of the American Dream! So, whether you’re a new graduate looking to invest in a simple starter design or a married couple wanting a place to raise a family, there hasn’t been a

Minimalist Homes for Any Budget

Whether it’s your first home or you’re downsizing from another, check out some of the best minimalist homes for any budget. The perfect blend of simplicity and style, each of these plans offers a distinct personality. Homebuyers across the country love these designs, and we think you will, too! The best part about embracing minimalist

The Best Vacation Homes

Make it easy to unwind and relax any day of the year by having one of the best vacation homes around! Just choose your dream location and then let us help you find the perfect house plan to fit your needs. Whether you want to live in it year-round as your permanent piece of paradise,

Narrow Homes with a Garage

If your lot is limited in width or size in general, but you still want indoor parking, explore our narrow homes with a garage! These efficient and affordable plans are packed full of style. They’re made for all sorts of lots with limited frontages, making them great for building anywhere from a bustling city to

The Best Homes for Newlyweds

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Celebrate this momentous occasion by exploring some of the best homes for newlyweds! Whether it’s a home for a short time or forever, these designs are just as unique as the families they serve! Here at The House Designers, we always look for reasons to celebrate. And there is no

Understanding Different Home Styles

With a booming market and lots of opportunities, there has never been a better time to build your dream home! Let’s walk through the basics before you start looking through thousands of home plans, because understanding different home styles is vital! Knowing what you do and don’t want will help our team of designers use