New Farmhouse Plans for 2018

Interested in finding a farmhouse-style house plan? We’ve compiled all of our brand new farmhouse plans for 2018 with their pictures/renderings, design features, and floor plan layouts. The first few months of 2018 have seen a ton of gorgeous new farmhouse plans added to our collection. These plans typically share characteristics like clean rooflines, covered

The Home Electrician’s Toolbox

By Steve Willson If you have some DIY experience, routine electrical repairs are well within your reach. Many homeowners can repair flickering lightbulbs, dormant receptacles, and switches that don’t work using the right tools and techniques. You may already have some of the tools needed for home electrical projects, especially if you do a lot

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My DIY Renovation

If you’ve spent any time watching HGTV, you’ve likely dreamed of a DIY renovation. Perhaps you’re looking at a house that’s in pretty good shape structurally but needs a cosmetic overhaul. There’s nothing a little elbow grease can’t tackle, right? Piece of cake. If you’re considering taking a DIY approach to a home renovation, then

10 Best-Selling House Plans for 2018

Design Trends Our best-selling house plans have given us lots of insight into the trends that homebuyers have followed and are continuing to follow into 2018. The most apparent trend is the diverse selection of traditional exterior styles that our customers favor, including Craftsman, Cottage, Country, and Bungalow, and a few consistent interior floor plan features.

Why Concrete Builds the Most Efficient Homes

This is a guest post, courtesy of Matt Doyle, Vice-President and Co-Founder of Excel Builders. Efficiency and sustainability have become the driving force behind many of today’s popular home building trends. There are many reasons for this: more efficient homes can be cheaper to build, longer lasting, more affordable for homeowners, and better for the

Discreet Smoke Detectors Gain Favor in Homes

These small, unobtrusive smoke detection sampling points replace traditional smoke detectors for improved look and superior fire protection. Smoke detectors are essential for safety and mandated by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), but bulky traditional models mounted on ceilings or walls can interrupt or ruin the overall design and feel of a space, especially