Top 5 Causes of Foundation Problems

While it doesn’t get much attention, the foundation is arguably the most important element of your home. After all, it holds everything else up! Whether you’ve already experienced foundation problems or you’re hoping to avoid them, here is an overview of the most common causes. 1. Expansive clay soil Certain areas of the country have

Laundry Room Design Ideas

Use these laundry room design ideas to create the ultimate laundry room in your new home! We have amazing home designs with laundry rooms on the first floor and/or second floor, so you can find the perfect setup for your needs. When designing your dream home, it is important to give attention to every single

6 New Modern Duplex House Plans

Check out these new modern duplex house plans from! Building a multi-family home is a uniquely exciting and challenging experience, so let’s walk through your options. Whether you’re on the hunt for a spacious duplex, one that works on your narrow lot, or even one with a drive-under garage, we’ve got the selection you’re