Affordable Homes for Everyone

With plenty of styles and different features, there are affordable homes for everyone to choose from. Saving money doesn’t mean that you have to cut corners. In fact, it can mean quite the opposite! Let us show you why these plans are some of our and our customers’ favorite designs. There is something truly beautiful

Beautiful European Homes

From the rolling slopes of Italy to the quaint countryside of France, beautiful European homes have a special place in our hearts. Their unmatched beauty and formal functionality really make them stand out. No matter the size, these plans have unique character that can be hard to find in other styles. Home styles from across

Screw Pile Foundation Homes

The quality of your home begins with its foundation. It’s critical to select the correct starting base for your house, but some people find the options overwhelming and hard to understand. We’re here to make the process a bit easier by showing you the many great benefits of a screw pile foundation. It might be