NEW! See Our Digital Home Building Guide

Welcome to the future. The House Designers is proud to present a digital version of our complimentary Home Building Guide! You can use this nifty tool to help plan, organize, and build your new home. It includes important information about the different stages of home building, great product ideas for inspiration, and interactive budget sheets. Our organizer […]

Luxurious Outdoor Living House Plans

It’s Friday and all of your obligations for the week have been completed. Now it’s time to relax with your family and friends! Have you taken a look outside lately? The late summer/early fall weather invites you to spend time outdoors. You’ll want to take advantage with a beautiful outdoor living room! Imagine yourself kicking […]

Fantastic Mudrooms You Need to See

Mudrooms are convenient, efficient areas that help keep your “drop space” organized and stylish. In the past, homes with mudrooms were mostly built in northern climates and used to store heavy coats and boots in an effort to prevent mud from making its way inside. This functional transition room was often a chaotic catchall, sometimes an eyesore, […]

Home Plans for Small Lots

Just imagine this situation. You’ve shopped around and chosen the perfect lot to build your dream home. You’ve moved forward and actually purchased that land. These are big, albeit under-appreciated steps on your way to building! Now your next step is to find the blueprints for your new home. The problem is, with building jurisdiction requirements, […]

Our Favorite Tiny Modern Homes

Tiny homes have been highly desirable for a few years. Television programs constantly show tiny house builds and unique ways to maximize storage for tiny house living. Full-time RV’ers who travel the country while working remotely also appeal to the wanderlust in all of us. But what about those who want to enjoy the benefits of a […]

New Luxury House Plans for 2023

Luxury house plans come in all shapes and sizes—that’s right, luxury does not necessarily mean that a home is large. Smaller homes with exciting and trendy design features have found their way into the luxury market. Whether you want your home to have one consistent design theme or for each room to have its own voice, […]