Fantastic Mudrooms You Need to See

Mudrooms are convenient, efficient areas that help keep your “drop space” organized and stylish. In the past, homes with mudrooms were mostly built in northern climates and used to store heavy coats and boots in an effort to prevent mud from making its way inside. This functional transition room was often a chaotic catchall, sometimes an eyesore, and not typically designed with aesthetics in mind. But things have changed! Nowadays, a mudroom can serve multiple purposes. While still being used for outerwear, a mudroom can also be used to store schoolbooks, sports equipment, craft supplies, and excess items that don’t really have a home. If this sounds like something you need in a home, we have all sorts of fantastic mudrooms for your consideration!

Although many are, a mudroom is not necessarily a separate room shut off from view. Today’s mudrooms are more versatile and as such, diverse in design. Many will even impress you from the aesthetic angle! Think about what your family needs. A mudroom area can be simple with a storage bench, hooks, or open shelving. It can also have tons of cabinetry, lockers, and include laundry appliances and/or a bathroom. You want sufficient storage, but you can also expand to add anything that makes sense for your location/household.

Explore Some Fantastic Mudrooms

Take a peek at THD-9920 – Martha’s Garden, which features a combination laundry/mudroom. Open shelves with neat canvas bins create space for the little things. Notice the hooks to hang coats and hats, and the room for shoes under the bench. This cute mudroom area will serve the average family well.

one of our fantastic mudrooms in a stunning modern farmhouse

You’ll find another example of a mudroom with laundry in THD-6583 – The Destination. This beautiful room certainly helps to organize the home and provides unique space for each member of the family.

a fantastic mudroom with laundry in a modern home

If you don’t need a full, dedicated mudroom, just create a storage space in a hallway near an entry. Take a look at THD-1068 – The Chandler, where a simple bench and coat hooks create the perfect minimal yet practical drop zone.

built-ins coming in from the garage of a modegn farmhouse

Check out THD-1053 – Luxury Modern Farmhouse if you want a mudroom with exterior and garage access to serve as transitional space before entering the house. In many cases, the mudroom and laundry room are combined. In this case, they are separate, with the mudroom adjacent to the laundry room and powder room that sit a bit further inside. What a thoughtful layout!

Every home can and should have a dedicated mudroom or drop zone. No matter what you have in mind, The House Designers can help you find the perfect home with the perfect storage solution. Give us a call at 866-214-2242 and speak with one of our knowledgeable home plan advisors today!

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