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Searching For Online House Plans

Searching for house plans online has made finding the perfect plan easier and less time consuming since thousands of builder-ready, consumer-approved plans are just a click away. The best way to find home plans that meet all of your needs is to first determine the square footage which will coordinate with your budget, the style of home you like and then your preferences for bedrooms, baths, number of stories and garages. Read More

If you have lot size restrictions, you can add that detail in as well. It’s really that simple. Make sure you do your homework so that you know the floor plans you’re buying meet strict standards for code compliancy and structural detail. A good start to this is reading Important Information To Know Before Purchasing House Plans. This explains critical elements about the details of your construction blueprints regardless of where you purchase your plans. You’ll also learn about possible required engineering, structural sizing, code conformity, foundation site plans and site and septic plans. Our commitment is to supply you with all the information you need to make an informed choice on possibly the first step in the biggest investment of your lifetime. If you have any questions along the way, email, live chat or call us at 866-214-2242 and our seasoned house plan specialists will be happy to assist you.

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See our Home Buying Basics to help figure out the characteristics of your perfect home. Unsure what architectural style you like? Check out our Styles Information Page to help narrow down your style preferences.

Our Advanced Home Plan Search allows you to see specific house plans that meet your needs and preferences. Using our general search query at the top of the page gives you a wider selection of home plans to choose from and considering online house plans are easy to modify, this is your better search option. Also consider the following:

Flexibility: Many of our plans have a flexible space that can be a 4th bedroom, so don’t rule out 3-bedroom homes when searching through our house plans if your preference is a 4-bedroom home. Read More

House Plan Modifications: Any of our plans can be easily modified and our home plan specialists can help you determine the best way to modify a plan to meet your specific needs. If this is the first time you’re building a new home, know that it’s quick and easy to make changes to our plans. Most basic changes can even be made direct by your builder unless your particular town has building/code restrictions. Having your builder make changes to your plans can save money on modification fees.

Home Plans with Photos: You’ll find lots of the homes featured on our site are actual house plans that have been built with photos showing you how homeowners just like yourself modified our plans to meet their particular needs and budget. Click here to see hundreds of customer reviews of our house plans and to ensure you’re buying from a trusted company with the highest standards on the web.

Use the following guides below to further refine key rooms to get your perfect solution:

Square Footage:
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More Search Filters

Garage Options

Helpful Tip: Adding garage bays and changing the placement of the garage door entry can easily be modified. For example, if you find a house plan that has front entry facing garage doors, and you prefer a side-entry garage, most house designs can be easily modified to facilitate this change. It’s usually easy to add garage bays as well if you need more space. And if you find that some of our small house plans have 1 or 2 garage bays and you need more, find out if your builder can make this change, or have our modification team give you a free estimate on adding what you need. Also, take a look at our Garage House Plan collection to find great plans for a separate garage you may want to build as well.

Select all that apply:

Foundation Options

Since most of our house plans can accommodate any foundation, it’s usually wise not to select a foundation option. If you find particular home plans that you love that don’t offer a basement, for example, you can have the plan modified to add a basement. This is true with most foundations including house plans with crawlspaces, daylight basements, slab and pier foundations.

Select all that apply:

Interior Options

Helpful Tip: Most interior features can be added or removed by your builder. Items like fireplaces and built-ins can easily be added or removed to our house plans by your builder. Even items like raising or lowering ceiling heights in our house designs can easily be done by our modification team, your builder or a local designer or architect. Again, don’t narrow your search results by selecting too many home plan options.

Select all that apply:

Kitchen Requirements

Keep in mind that most of the items listed below can easily be added or removed from our house plans and most of these interior details can be changed by your builder. This saves money incurred from modification fees and allows more money to go into your beautiful new kitchen!

Select all that apply:

Bed & Bath Options

Most of these items listed below can also easily be added to your home design by your builder. An item that should be checked if it's a detail you want in your house plan is split bedroom design where the master bedroom is located on one side of the home and the remaining bedrooms are located on the opposite side of the house which offers privacy to the master suite. Another item is master bedroom on the main floor if you’re considering 2-story house plans and you want your master suite located on the first floor.

Select all that apply:

Porches & Patios

Most of the items listed here are once again items that can be easily added to most of our blueprints. Leaving these items unchecked allows a broader selection in your house blueprint search results.

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Lot Characteristics

Most any of our plans can be suited for a corner lot, but if you need a home design for a narrow lot or sloping lot, it’s wise to check these options. Do keep in mind that most house plans can be modified for a sloping lot and we have an entire collection of narrow lot house plans and sloping lot home designs. Finding a house plan closest to what you need reduces or eliminates modification fees allowing more money to go into your new home!

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Architectural Styles

To see a list of our architectural styles for examples of home plan styles, visit our Architectural Styles page.

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To view examples of our different house plan collections, visit our Specialty House Plan Collections page.

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NEED HELP? Please contact our home plan specialists by email, live chat or calling 866-214-2242. We would be happy to assist you with any questions you have about our plans, or help you with modifications.

REMEMBER: All of our house plans can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget. Start by simply filling out the modification form for the plan you’re interested in and have your free estimate in 1-2 business days.