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How Much Will it Cost to Build Your Dream Home?

Find Out How Much Your Home Will Cost To Build

Home-Cost Instant Cost-to-Build Estimator offers fast, easy and accurate estimates to find out the construction costs to build your new home.

  • Fast, accurate home construction cost estimating for any house plan
  • Establish an accurate home building budget
  • Compare bids you receive from builders to help you find the right contractor
  • Calculate the cost in real time, making adjustments to fit your budget
  • Control the quality and quantity of your home building materials

Purchase an estimator for $29.99 for one plan or $49.99 for unlimited plans with a 1-year license.

How To Download a Cost Estimator Report

Find your perfect house plan and then purchase the cost estimator. Click "Activate Estimator" on your order receipt and the estimator will launch. Enter your zip code, some basic characteristics of your chosen plan and select the construction quality to see estimates. Your cost to build report will include estimates for labor, materials, and a total. You can adjust your settings to see changes for different material qualities and modify specific instructions for each subset.

Getting Your Report is Easy

First, select any house plan to get started on receiving an accurate cost-to-build for your new home. Simply click on the "Estimate The Cost to Build" button on the plan page that you're interested in, and order one plan estimator for $29.99 or an unlimited cost estimator for as many plans as you want for $49.99. After you order your cost estimator, you can begin customizing your report to reflect your building preferences. If you need any help along the way, we'd be happy to help you.

View a Free Demo Report

Want to see a sample of what your cost-to-build reports will look like? View this demo to get a look at the functions and options available to you.

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