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Summer Sale | Take 15% Off ALL House Plans | Code: SUMMER15


Offering an extensive collection of authentic looking stone and brick in the world with over 150 color palettes, Eldorado Stone is our architects' top choice for interior and exterior stone and brick.

Latest Stone & Brick Articles

Eldorado Stone Fieldledge in Veneto
Add Rugged Appeal with Nature-Inspired Stone

While light, bright, and clean stone aesthetics have taken off in recent years, rustic natural stone-inspired veneer still offers the perfect effect for a lot of designs. It’s not just for older houses or types of architecture that really underscore the rustic vibe—even brand-new modern homes incorporate natural elements to achieve comfortable, balanced style. Here are some aspects of rustic stone to keep in mind to help you pick the right look!

Eldorado Stone Visualizer
Virtually Try Stone & Brick Before You Buy

Selecting products for your home can be challenging. Not only should you like the look of each part, but everything needs to work well together. That makes things tricky—how can you possibly purchase finishes, especially permanently installed ones, without seeing what they look like in your space yet? Enter visualizing tools, a nifty way to compare products in the same scene. Here’s a quick look at a freshly revamped stone visualizer from Eldorado Stone that makes it easy to test different veneer styles and colors at your leisure!

Eldorado Stone Rivenwood in Shore Breeze
Design with Beautiful Wood-Look Veneer

If your design feels flat or plain, veneer could be the solution! Most people are familiar with stone-look veneer products—they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to complement any scheme, and because they’re lighter and easier to stack than real stone, they’re less expensive to buy and install. Stone may not provide the desired effect, though. Enter wood-look veneer, another beautiful accent suitable for practically any application. Here’s what it can do for your design!

Eldorado Stone TundraBrick Riverbed
How to Choose the Perfect Brick

One of the best things about brick is just how versatile it is. No matter your style or the type of home you want to build, it can do wonders for your design! With such broad possibilities, some may find it difficult to select the right brick for their needs, so here are some different ways you can use it!

Eldorado Stone RoughCut
Contrast in Design: Stone & Brick Ideas

If plain schemes aren’t for you, kick your design up a notch by adding contrast with stone or brick! Choosing a palette that sets off other colors in the space is one thing, but have you looked at how different products and applications can stand out on their own? Here’s how you can amp up your design with contrasting stone and brick details!

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