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Offering the most extensive collection of authentic looking stone and brick in the world with over 150 color palettes, Eldorado Stone is our architects' top choice for interior and exterior stone and brick.

Contrast in Design: Stone & Brick Ideas

Eldorado Stone RoughCut

If plain schemes aren’t for you, kick your design up a notch by adding contrast with stone or brick! Choosing a palette that sets off other colors in the space is one thing, but have you looked at how different products and applications can stand out on their own? Here’s how you can amp up your design with contrasting stone and brick details!

Using Stone to Create a Biophilic Design

Eldorado Stone RoughCut in Casa Blanca

With great leaps and bounds in technology changing the world we live in faster than ever before, it’s no wonder people can feel so overwhelmed these days. If you’re looking for a way to add a little reprieve, try going back to basics with your home! Nature has long been touted as a treatment for the strain of modern life—even just a walk in the natural environment can improve mood and lower the physical indicators of stress—so why not design with that in mind?

Set the Tone with Dark Stone & Brick

Eldorado Stone Stacked Stone in Chapel Hill

Even if white and light-colored stone and brick seem to be all the rage these days, there are still plenty of opportunities for darker options to stand out. Take a step back and consider the whole picture—dark backgrounds help other design elements pop, and they can help give a space or façade a more nuanced ambiance. Here are some ways you can make a beautiful statement with dark stone and brick!

Using White Stone & Brick to Brighten Spaces

Eldorado Stone RoughCut in Casa Blanca

If you keep up with interior design, you’ve definitely seen white stone and brick featured in magazines and online. They both create attractive backgrounds to offset other elements in the room and can make a statement on their own—it’s no wonder people love to incorporate this look into homes of all styles! Whether you’re shopping for a simple fireplace, a backsplash, or a whole wall, here are some things to keep in mind to help you select the perfect white stone or white brick for your home.

Where to Include Stone Elements in Your Interior

Eldorado Stone Stacked Stone in Castaway

The difference between a boring interior and a beautiful one isn’t completely decided by what you put into it—consider how you finish your spaces before bringing in window treatments, rugs, furniture, and artwork. You can add variation with colors and textures to create a backdrop that draws the eye on its own and adds depth and character to the room. Stone elements accompany all sorts of schemes with awesome results, so check out some ways to incorporate them!