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Give Your Cabinetry Furniture Flair

Today, homes are being designed with open floor plans rather than small individual rooms. You'll find that cabinetry design is embracing this new trend to create large open living areas by creating cabinetry that has the look of furniture. With more space to be creative, cabinets don't have to be pushed to the room's perimeter but can become part of furniture groupings that are a key component to the overall design, functionality and décor of the living space.

KraftMaid Built-in Office

Imagine adding style and making the most of your space with an office setup like this from KraftMaid®!

You can achieve this "furniture" look by combining cabinetry and shelving units with structural details such as feet, box fillers, posts, moldings, and other decorative elements. Our designers have put together some helpful design tips to give your cabinetry a unique look.

When it comes to kitchen designs it's no longer aesthetically desirable to have four walls with rows of cabinets, but rather to use freestanding groupings of cabinetry to form hutches, worktables, armoires, and baker's racks. By simply using different cabinet finishes you can create a contrasting look and can add much to the impression of separate pieces of furniture.

While cabinetry is mostly used in the kitchen, don't forget to consider cabinetry in other areas of your home like the family room, hobby room, bathroom or work/office space.

Design Tip
Your cabinet door style and color will have the most impact on your new kitchen's palette by making the strongest visual statement. They'll also have the most impact on your wallet. Cabinets typically account for half the cost of your kitchen. What you spend will depend on the manufacturer you choose, quality of construction, materials, amount of interior storage options and amount of cabinets. When figuring out the cost of your cabinets don't forget to include the amount of money you'll need for major appliances, countertops and sinks and faucets.