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Creating the Perfect Entry for a Modern Home

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

Are you dedicated to contemporary design? Sometimes it can be hard to find exterior design elements that create the right atmosphere to fit the rest of your home, but you definitely don’t need to settle. Thanks to the Pulse® line from Therma-Tru® Doors and the numerous decorative glass styles that they offer, you can create the perfect door system to fit your modern vision, whether it’s a retro style from mid-century, something more eclectic, or perhaps an organic design. You’re sure to get the feel you’re looking for, so keep reading to learn about the possibilities!

Therma-Tru Pulse

The modern design of this Pulse® door with Axis glass sets the stage for upbeat living. The linear design carried through the doorlites paired with the bold color choice makes this door a statement by itself.

Lite Options

The first thing people notice about modern architecture is the abundance of windows. Maybe they’re large, or maybe they’re small and arranged in a unique pattern, but you can be sure there’s something about the windows that’ll take your attention. To meet the same expectations, the Pulse® line is simple in design yet comes with different doorlite configurations to match any need. Perhaps you want a series of larger rectangular lites down the center like the Ari option offers, or you like the much smaller Echo lites that can be grouped in many different linear clusters, or you want to go directly to the Linea style to place a narrow vertical window on your door for an uninterrupted stripe of your favorite glass—you can balance the right amount of glass with the perfect placement to give your home the vibe that works best.

Modern homes tend to be very distinctive, so it’s hard to make a blanket suggestion for what lite style you should choose. Every genre of contemporary architecture will have examples that look great with these options. The color of the door itself and the type of glass included will have a much larger effect on the final result, but you should still take a step back and look at the big picture when selecting lites. Consider your home’s windows, their sizes and how they’re laid out, and if you want to match them or introduce a healthy dose of contrast with the lites on the front door.

Therma-Tru Pulse

With Sedona glass more typically suited to Craftsman-style homes, these Linea Centered doors have a bold air about them to match the eclectic nature of the house they adorn.

Choosing Glass

Here’s where you can give your door its personality. The windows of modern homes are typically wide and open, with no divided lites or superfluous frames, and there are plenty of plain and simple decorative glasses for doorlites, too. With regular clear glass and a variety of textured glasses for privacy, you can choose to let the lites themselves make your entryway statement. These choices are great for retro modern homes, and pair well with a brightly colored door to make them more interesting. With a more subdued door color, they will also work with newer architecture that focuses on clean simplicity.

If you want to have a bolder entry, dress it up with decorative glass! Pulse® doors can be outfitted with definitively contemporary designs as well as some more traditional ones. Stick to glasses with strong lines or graceful arches if you want to maintain a modern focus. And don’t be afraid to look at ones that provide some color of their own, because they can give you a touch of extra interest that elevates your overall design. For those who want a funkier door to go with a unique home, putting traditional glass with a floral or wrought metal look into a contemporary lite arrangement will produce a truly unique style.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Rustic Collection

You can create contemporary style and elegance in a high energy design with a Classic-Craft® Rustic Collection entryway that shows off Zaha glass. The right angles and disrupted arcs of this design create a look that works with modern and transitional homes.

Merging with Organic Design

Contemporary architecture can take many forms, and many architects have chosen to draw inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright when drafting new plans. The father of organic architecture, Wright believed in designing homes that worked with their environment, to the betterment of both. Modern-style homes are known for their impressive use of windows and are sought for view lots, and now you can find more than ever before incorporating elements that unite flowing, open designs and natural accents. From stone fireplace surrounds to exposed wooden ceiling beams, there are plenty of contemporary houses that also have rustic touches.

So, if you need a door for a modern home with organic architecture, don’t shy away from wood grain entryways. You might think that it looks too traditional, but all you have to do is choose a suitable glass design to give it the right vibe. There are two ways to go about this. For one, you’ll want to feature the glass prominently, so choose a large rectangular doorlite and flank it with a sidelite or two. Alternatively, choose a distinctly contemporary doorlite configuration—think a line of small squares or a thin vertical window—so the statement cannot be overlooked. These ways, the modern element draws the eye first, and it is supported by natural texture in the background. For many organic architects, this is the recipe for success!

If you’d like to explore a multitude of gorgeous entryways for every kind of home, visit Therma-Tru® Doors’ website and start designing in one of their collections! Find a local dealer to help you create your dream door, and soon you’ll have a beautiful entry that welcomes you home every day.