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From interior and exterior columns to coffered and tray ceilings, our architects recommend using decorative millwork to expand design possibilities and help define the character of your new home.

Explore the Latest in Millwork

An Introduction to Decorative Shutter Styles

Fypon Quarter Round Board & Batten Shutters

When it comes to the finishing touches on your home’s exterior, the little things go a long way! If you plan to accent windows with shutters, you do so knowing they’ll add charm, but are you sure it’s the right kind? There are no standard shutters—you’ll find a variety of options to complement and create different aesthetics. Here are the most common decorative shutter styles you’ll come across!

Using Millwork to Complete Your Exterior Design

Fypon Door Surround Kit

If you love the look of bungalow or Craftsman homes, you know how important millwork is to give personality to a house. Even simpler architectural styles use millwork to impart the perfect look and emphasize their underlying design principles. Everybody appreciates the appearance of a home carefully finished with suitable millwork, and we all know that it can have an amazing effect on curb appeal, so it is worth your while to learn about the basic styles and which pieces will make your own home stand out.

Find the Perfect Millwork with the Style Selector

Fypon Style Selection Tool

Do you love the handcrafted touch that millwork automatically adds to a home? Trims, beams, mouldings, and other embellishments installed in the final phase of construction are examples of this beautifying building material, and houses just wouldn't be the same without it. Whether casual or grandiose, millwork is an extension of your architecture’s expression, and you can find just the right pieces to grant your house the perfect personality.

Unique Ways to Use Beams in Your Home

Fypon Hand Hewn Beam Mantel

Perhaps you’ve been wowed by impressive truss systems or sturdy-looking support beams before—have you ever wondered how else you can add visually appealing beams to your house? Whether you’re limited by your overhead space or just looking for something different that brings the beauty closer to eye level, we have some design ideas to share. Decorative beams make it easy to install the wood look you want where you want it, so start dreaming of the possibilities!

Choosing the Best Porch Railing for Your Home

Fypon Balustrade System

Whether it’s in front or back, the style of your porch makes an impact on your home. What do you want yours to say, and how do you actually make that happen? With your choice of porch railing, of course! The stylistic range of balustrades is more diverse than you might think, and each example communicates a different vibe. Here’s how different types of porch railing stack up!

Choosing the Right Crossheads for Your Home

Fypon Craftsman Cove Crosshead

When it comes time to put the finishing touches on your new home, don’t forget that a few key exterior features go a long way toward excellent curb appeal. But if you use the wrong style, your home will look strange and unbalanced. Here are some different kinds of crossheads—the top part of window and door frames—that can make your home stand out for the right reasons!

Build a Beautiful Front Porch

Fypon Door Surround Kit

If you have a front porch to design, be sure to complete it with fitting details to bring out its best and amp up the whole home’s curb appeal. The welcoming vibe will definitely get noticed, and the effort you put in might just repay in more interested buyers and a higher final sale price. Not sure where to start? Here are the major areas to keep in mind!

Find the Perfect Accents for Your Front Entry

Fypon Door Surround Kit

Don’t let your exterior design fall flat—be sure to embellish your entry to give your home personality and a welcoming atmosphere! No matter the type of architecture you have to work with, there are ways to dress up the front door, the porch, or the entire façade to make your house stand out and amplify its curb appeal. Here are some of the key areas you should consider highlighting with some beautifying architectural details!