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Find the Perfect Accents for Your Front Entry

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

Don’t let your exterior design fall flat—be sure to embellish your entry to give your home personality and a welcoming atmosphere! No matter the type of architecture you have to work with, there are ways to dress up the front door, the porch, or the entire façade to make your house stand out and amplify its curb appeal. Here are some of the key areas you should consider highlighting with some beautifying architectural details!

Fypon Door Surround Kit

Create some sleek or dramatic definition quickly and easily with a Door Surround Kit, which allows you to select the pilaster and crosshead styles you like best. This convenient option works with single doors, doors with sidelites, and double door configurations.

The Front Door

Of course, it’s only natural to try to draw the eye to the front door. The door is a focal point on its own, so it’s well worth the effort to make it a good one. A door surround, which consists of pilasters on the sides and a crosshead on top, is a great place to start your entry design. In many ways, it’s like a fireplace surround with a mantel—can you imagine how flat and boring this interior focus would be without the definition afforded by its trim, or how much the perfect look could improve the feel of the whole room?

Door surround kits make it easy to choose pieces to emphasize the entry. A variety of styles are available, from plain and fluted pilasters in a range of widths to crossheads with and without keystones. You can build the personality you want to see by mixing and matching, and then enjoy the fact that the entire system is designed for ease of installation. If you’re looking for something different or need to take special consideration for a more challenging door setup—like one with a rounded transom window—there are plenty of beautiful trims to discover, including those with timber and stone looks. Whether you want a fast door surround solution or to create a custom frame for your entry, the extra care you take will make a great impact on your home.

Fypon Column Wraps

Column wraps are the perfect choice to style everything from a small stoop to a large wraparound porch. These tapered ones enhance bungalow character on even a simple home.

Columns to Extend the Entry

When working with columns, think of them as more than just structural necessities. Most are purely decorative these days because we’re able to use smaller, stronger supports where needed, but we still expect them on certain architecture and they add undeniable curb appeal when used well. Columns come in styles to complement everything from the finest colonial and Victorian houses to classic Craftsman exteriors, and with easy-to-apply column wraps, giving your home an update doesn’t have to be a big production.

Columns create a look of balance by visually supporting a covered porch or pediment, so it’s important to use the right size and number to keep the overall picture architecturally correct. This might seem tricky given the wide range of products available, so ask for professional help if you’re unsure. Any guests will be greeted by the columns around or extending your entry before making it to the door, so make sure they help with balance, not skew it.

Fypon Decorative Brackets

When this house was renovated, decorative brackets were added above the entry to give it some more personality. There are all kinds of decorative millwork, suited to any style.

Decorative Elements

Numerous smaller details, which are often overlooked, also go into a good exterior design. Have you ever thought about pieces that fit into gables or under eaves? Everything from louvers to corbels to knee braces—things many people have never heard of!—can elevate a home from plain to picture perfect. Just be sure to find the details that match your home to bring out its best. Anybody who needs some guidance will find this Style Selector Tool a fantastic resource; just choose an architectural style and you’ll be pointed to the elements that help define it.

If you’ve been inspired to give your home a makeover, check out Fypon’s® polyurethane millwork for gorgeous pieces that offer extreme durability you won’t find elsewhere. Impervious to water, these products resist warping and splitting, and you don’t have to worry about insect damage, either. With a lifetime limited warranty for homeowners, you’ll be secure in your decision to invest in your home’s curb appeal, so find your local dealer and get started!