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How to Choose the Perfect Brick

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

One of the best things about brick is just how versatile it is. No matter your style or the type of home you want to build, it can do wonders for your design! With such broad possibilities, some may find it difficult to select the right brick for their needs, so here are some different ways you can use it!

Eldorado Stone TundraBrick Riverbed

Going for a rustic look? The Riverbed color blend of TundraBrick® includes a range of natural orange and rusty hues that are perfect for Mediterranean and Southwestern applications.

Keep It Classic

Traditional brick is usually warm in tone, owing to iron oxides present in the clay used to make it. Of course, the composition of clay varies across different regions, so the typical brick color in one city may differ from what you see elsewhere. This diversity makes it easy to identify where older buildings are located based on photography alone, and it gives you the opportunity to tailor the feel in your home. Perhaps you’d like a sunny Mediterranean vibe? Check out orange brick. If you want an early American or industrial look, you can’t go wrong with a deep, earthy red color instead. No matter the nuance, classic brick is a great way to add historical appeal!

Eldorado Stone TundraBrick Chalk Dust

With bright whites to match this chic office, the Chalk Dust color blend relies on touches of grey and surface texture to keep the room from feeling flat.

Add Subtle Variation

Brick takes on all sorts of looks in contemporary design. Whether whitewashed or painted, many designers try to move away from traditional colors to underscore the modern aspect. Why use brick at all, then? Because it has so much more to offer than just color! Consider the texture on the surface and the pattern it naturally creates when laid. It can make a wonderful backdrop to any room even if you keep it simple.

Eldorado Stone TundraBrick Latigo

The Latigo blend includes a range of off-white, warm tan, and cool grey tones. This might seem like a hodgepodge, but it creates a beautifully balanced complement for any neutral scheme.

Promote Balance

No matter your design aspirations, brick can support your vision. It doesn’t have to hark to the old days or make a new modern statement. Like any other variety, neutral brick comes in solid single colors and in blends that move the eye and create a unique picture with each application. Take your other design ideas into account before deciding which way to go—the extra pop of variety might overwhelm an already busy space, and going with a single hue may look too stark if the rest of the room is plain.

Eldorado Stone TundraBrick Ashland

The Ashland blend of grey tones would be too dark and strong for this living room if installed with matching grout, but white grout lines help brighten the fireplace and make it stand out as a point of interest.

Set a Pattern with Contrast

Patterns aren’t just for wallpaper! It’s easy to forget that brick isn’t just brick—you have to install it with grout, and the grout you choose can completely change the look. So, are you the type to match colors and let the brick itself shine, or are you interested in offsetting the brick with contrasting grout? Defining the lines between the pieces draws attention to the fireplace/backsplash/accent wall and accentuates whatever bricklaying pattern you select. Patterned walls aren’t too common these days, so this is a great way to make your home more unique.

Eldorado Stone TundraBrick Ironside

The deep tones of Ironside could easily overpower a room, but when used in moderation and/or in a room with plenty of light, it definitely anchors the design.

Go Bold

Finally, don’t be afraid of bold brick. What constitutes bold varies based on the rest of your design, but you’ll know what it means when you look at your options. Many people make immediate judgments and pass over colors that could actually work well in their homes. Keep an open mind and you may find yourself drawn to something unexpected that provides the impact you wanted all along!

If you have any trouble deciding which direction you should go with brick, Eldorado Stone can help! Not only do they have a free visualizer that allows you to test different products on a variety of sample scenes or even a photo you provide yourself, but they also offer concierge design services. You can get a pro’s expert opinion throughout the process—from choosing the perfect product, to learning how to utilize it best, to calculating how much to purchase. Of course, you can also find a local distributor if you’d like to see things in person!