New Luxury House Plans for 2023

Luxury house plans come in all shapes and sizes—that’s right, luxury does not necessarily mean that a home is large. Smaller homes with exciting and trendy design features have found their way into the luxury market. Whether you want your home to have one consistent design theme or for each room to have its own voice, a luxury house plan provides an ample canvas. There is no need to limit yourself when it comes to design details or trendy features that you want to showcase in your new home. Explore some of our new luxury house plans for 2023 if you need some inspiration!

Luxury house plans can run the gamut from small and detailed to huge and showy. Whatever aesthetic, homeowners are willing to spend big bucks to get the look they want. Spacious rooms with view-capturing windows and beautiful landscaping like shown in THD-8578 (below) are just the tip of the iceberg.

new luxury house plan with sharp modern style

Details and upscale amenities such as home theaters, balconies, and gourmet kitchens with butler’s pantries and wine cellars abound. Quality materials are used to build these gorgeous homes. Homeowners don’t want to spend all their free time maintaining and fixing their homes, so low maintenance is also key. Their interests lie in enjoying and utilizing the beautiful abode they’ve created. And above all, a luxury home should contain things that help the homeowners elevate their everyday experience. They want to be catered to and have their wants and needs addressed at a moment’s notice. Take a peek at THD-2354 (below) if you think you’d enjoy a large covered deck over the garage—it sits beside the bonus room and a full bath, so it would make a great hosting space.

one of our new luxury house plans with contemporary style

Quality and comfort are the mainstays of luxurious living. Homes with impressive details and materials are considered the epitome of luxurious living. Skylights, transom windows, and glass walls help to brighten up rooms small and large, and they create an air of luxury in the space. Many rooms consider privacy and others may have multiple entry points to support a flowing layout. The flexibility of how each room is used and how it can be reconfigured/expanded is an important design factor. Consider ceiling heights, a functional kitchen layout, and plenty of storage help to round out the design. If you’d like to see an impressive home with a bit of everything, THD-6524 (below) has a lot to appreciate.

a traditionally inspired mansion that's one of our new luxury house plans for 2023

No matter which way you cut it, a luxury home should treat you. Imagine it like an upscale suite at your favorite resort! If you’d like to learn more and/or need help finding the perfect design for your family, visit and speak with one of our knowledgeable home plan advisors.

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