White House with Black Accents – A New 2023 Design Trend

What is the allure of a white house with black accents like trim, roofing, etc.? This hot color combination appears to be the newest design trend for 2023. Working well with many architectural styles, exteriors with white and black are commonly seen on modern farmhouses as well as modern, traditional, and Mediterranean designs. Although it may seem new thanks to its growing popularity now, this color scheme has been used on home exteriors for decades. You can trust that a timeless color combo won’t go out of style!

Black trim is popular because there are many shades and hues available to tailor the look. The traditional stark black is the most common, but you can also choose ebony, charcoal, onyx, jet, and licorice, among others. Each shade has a slightly graduated impression. For instance, charcoal is characterized by its dark grayish-blue color, ebony by its grayish-olive-green color, and so on. Black isn’t just black. You have the opportunity to impart the right vibe for your house and surroundings.

White is also available in different shades and hues for the bulk of the home’s exterior. Consider cream, eggshell, ivory, Navajo white, or vanilla if you don’t want a true, bright white. 

As you can see, a white house with black accents does not need to stick to the simplest color palette. Two homes, both painted white with black trim, could look entirely different. Make sure to explore the possibilities to find the perfect hues for your design vision!

The Modern Farmhouse Appeal

Take a peek at THD-6607, a beautiful modern farmhouse with a charcoal black shingle and metal roof. The window trim was left white, but the windows themselves stand out due to the black frames.

a luxury white farmhouse with a black roof and window frames
House Plan 6607 – 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath Luxury Modern Farmhouse

THD-8317 is another modern farmhouse with a chic black and white exterior. This home features a cream white with black window frames featuring mullions and a shed overhang over the bedroom 2 window.  Simple yet attractive.

white house with black accents on a ranch look
House Plan 8317 – 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath Modern Farmhouse Ranch

The next white house with black accents really pops with the black front door and two-car garage door. Check out THD-6632! The stark dark against the white stands out and makes this home a head-turner. The dark black roof softened with some lighter contrast also contributes to a more formal feel.

black and white farmhouse
House Plan 6632 – 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Traditional Farmhouse

The Modern Style

The white-house-with-black-trim style doesn’t apply only to modern farmhouses. The bold color combination is at home in the regular modern world and lends itself well to designs that lean contemporary and transitional, too.

Take a peek at THD-6584, a new modern design exclusive to The House Designers. Although it appears to have more of a grayish color across the roof and doors, this contemporary home boasts an ebony tone. The grayish-green black pairs beautifully with the soft white exterior and the grayscale stone elements. The matte finish on the front door and double garage doors finishes off this design well.

a modern home with white and black
House Plan 6584 – 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath Modern Contemporary Home

Check out a truly contemporary design with the majority of home painted white and the ample windows, sharp roof, and glass-forward dining area in shades of black. Despite its extremely modern style, this house plan is surprisingly at home in a natural environment. THD-1246 makes a wonderful choice for view lots with tight buildable areas!

black and white contemporary home
House Plan 1246 – 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Contemporary Design

There are multiple styles and designs that lend themselves well to the white house/black trim trend. You can choose any house plan and combination of black and white colors to suit it. And although currently trendy, this look is iconic and will remain a stylish choice for you and your family. 

If you are thinking about building a home, The House Designers can help! Feel free to explore our collections or get in touch. Our experienced home plan advisors can simplify the search by showing you the homes that meet your needs!

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