Basic 5 Bedroom Homes

Whether you have a large or growing family, or you simply want more square footage, you will love to see the possibilities in our basic 5 bedroom homes. With their thoughtful use of space and variety of features, these plans offer all the room you need without letting costs get out of hand. You’ll find […]

Tips for Getting Ready to Move

So, you’ve found your dream house plan and it’s all built. Congratulations! Use these tips for getting ready to move to ensure that everyone is poised for a seamless transition. Don’t let the fun of building your forever home get overshadowed by a hectic move. Just take a bit of time now to make sure […]

Homes for Running a Small Business

In a world where working from home is becoming the new norm, check out these homes for running a small business. Perfect for a wide range of activities and demands, these plans won’t disappoint! From private offices to all-inclusive workshops, The House Designers has you covered with thousands of customizable homes to choose from. You […]

New Homes for College Grads

So you’ve just graduated college and are off to start a new adventure… Congratulations! Let’s check out some new homes for college grads. Whether you are starting your dream job or going on to get an advanced degree, these plans are perfect for when you want to lay down roots. With their combination of affordability […]

New Homes for Empty Nesters

Whether you’re recently retired or just want to save some money with the kids now out of the house, check out these new homes for empty nesters. They check all the boxes! With so many styles and features to discover, these plans definitely rank as some of our customers’ favorites. Explore them for yourself and […]

Family Friendly Ranch Style Homes

If you are looking for plenty of space and comfort, check out these family friendly ranch style homes. They are totally accessible and can be extremely affordable! Let us show you why one of these plans could be exactly what you and your family need. We have ranches for everybody because we offer them in […]

Homes with a Lot of Garage Parking

If you find yourself in need of extra storage space, check out these homes with a lot of garage parking! Packed full of potential, each plan is unique in its own way. And with plenty of variety in size, shape, and style, we have options for everyone. Whether you are looking for convenience or added […]

Homes with the Best Great Rooms

Usually the centerpiece of any plan, your main living spaces should definitely be a key consideration, so check out these homes with the best great rooms. Whether you are looking to entertain crowds or host family game nights, these designs can do it all. See for yourself why great rooms truly are so “great”! With […]

The Best Homes for Young Adults

Growing up, everyone dreams of saving enough money to buy their first home. No matter the size or style, homeownership is part of the American Dream! So, whether you’re a new graduate looking to invest in a simple starter design or a married couple wanting a place to raise a family, there hasn’t been a […]