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Summer Sale | Take 15% Off ALL House Plans | Code: SUMMER15

Achieve Better Lighting without Wiring

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

The lighting in your home has a major impact on the look and feel of your living spaces. If you want a more energy-efficient and naturally uplifting solution than electrical lighting fixtures can provide, make sure to consider your skylight options! Many are easy for a professional to install and can completely transform your interior. Here are some of our favorite ways to brighten your home without involving an electrician or plugging a cord in.

VELUX Sun Tunnel

Even a single Sun Tunnel® skylight can make a huge difference in a bathroom or other smaller space. They are optically engineered to deliver natural light with no color shift—that’s more than you can expect from a bulb!

Sun Tunnel Skylights

They may look like recessed lighting at first glance, but Sun Tunnel skylights gather sunlight from the roof and reflect it down inside. It’s a simple, incredibly effective, and adaptable solution for all kinds of applications! Sun Tunnel skylights come in two main types—rigid and flexible—to optimize light capture, work around any attic obstructions, and deliver light where you want it. There are also a variety of exterior options including pitched, low-profile, and flat lenses, so you can choose how they look on your roof. Inside, your choice of diffusers will soften and tailor the light to your liking. Depending on the structure of your house and design goals, you could end up with all one type or a range of these different products to make the most of natural light throughout your interior.

What about lighting at night? Most people use Sun Tunnel skylights in tandem with regular lighting that they can rely on during dark hours, but there’s actually a wire-free alternative that can help you reduce your dependence on electrical lighting even more. Just add a Solar Night Light to your Sun Tunnel skylights and they can gather energy during the day and cast a gentle glow at night, so you can get around without having to flip a light switch.

VELUX Fixed Skylights

A pair of deck-mounted Fixed Skylights effectively brighten this subtly vaulted, open-concept living area with the help of modest lightwells.

Fixed Skylights

A common type of skylight that most people are familiar with, fixed skylights feature a large pane of direct-set glass that fills the room below with tons of daylight and sky views. Again, there are several products available to serve varying needs, with deck-mounted and curb-mounted options to adapt to flat and pitched roofs. Flat fixed skylights are perfectly suitable for most homes, but those with flat roofs should consider curved or domed skylights that can catch the sun from more angles to offer better lighting from dawn to dusk.

One misconception homeowners have is that you need a vaulted ceiling to install traditional skylights. That is not the case at all! If you have a flat ceiling, you can still take advantage of skylights whether you have a flat or pitched roof. The installer just has to create a lightwell that bridges the gap between the skylight and the interior. Placement matters—you have to be mindful of any obstacles in your attic or ceiling, of course—but the process is fairly simple. Regular two-by-four studs, some drywall, and white paint are all that are needed to build a lightwell that will allow light to shine down inside. Lightwells can be slight or deep depending on the house, but in any case, they’re a great way to make use of daylight.

VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights

Each Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight has its own built-in solar panel that charges a battery and allows you to operate the unit at will. If you want to optimize your interior, VELUX ACTIVE can adjust these skylights in response to conditions inside.

Venting Skylights

Many people opt for venting models when they want more from their skylights. Due to their position on the ceiling, they’re ideal for releasing hot, stale air and refreshing kitchens and bathrooms—which is perfect for those who want natural climate control and natural lighting. There are manual skylights that crank open and closed by hand for reachable locations or with a rod for higher places, but solar-powered skylights are gaining fans thanks to their easy remote control and integrated rain sensor. Whichever you prefer, the skylight will install just as easily as a regular fixed one, with no electrical hookups needed!

What if you want to inhibit the light coming inside? Skylights also have an answer for that! Manual and solar-powered shades add yet another practical benefit and let you decide if you want the full effect of the sun or to diffuse or completely block out light on occasion. Most people use light-diffusing shades to illuminate common areas without glare and room-darkening or blackout shades for bedrooms to encourage longer sleeping hours when the sun rises early. There are plenty of fabrics available, so shades can tie into your interior design, too!

If you want to add skylights to your home, see what VELUX® can do for you! With a full catalog of skylights to cater to every kind of roof and ceiling, you’re sure to find an amazing natural lighting solution that meets your needs. Schedule a virtual consultation and start discussing the possibilities today!


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