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Stylish & Trendy Bathroom Sinks

Stylish & Trendy Sink There's nothing basic about bathroom fixtures anymore, particularly the bathroom sink. The common bathroom sink has come a long way from being a mere bowl designed to catch water. Today's sinks are clever, colorful, vibrant and highly functional.

Bathroom sinks can be installed as a countertop or tabletop unit, as a freestanding unit, or even hung on the wall. Because of the multitude of options in style, size, material and features, you can now find gorgeous, high quality sinks that would fit into any budget.

One of the most popular bathroom sink designs is the top mounted sink or vessel sink. Instead of being recessed into a cabinet or standing alone like a pedestal sink, the vessel sink is the star fixture in your bathroom. They are extremely popular because of their unique style and their ability to fit with any décor.

Another popular bathroom sink design is the under mounted sink, because it creates a clean and sleek modern line. This sink looks best with natural granite, marble, slate or synthetic countertops.. You can choose almost any style under mounted sink to compliment your countertop and faucet.

Another popular choice is taking the traditional porcelain sink and adding an artistic twist. You could choose a colorful, hand painted motif such as flowers, geometric shapes, landscape and much more. These are a bit more expensive but worth the investment.

Wall-mounted sinks are a basin hung from the wall. They are placed at your requested height and can be mounted flush on the wall, recessed or semi-recessed. They are available in a wide range of sizes, including small hand sinks, but you do not get much storage space with them.

For years, your only option for a sink were porcelain and stainless steel, but today you can find sinks made from ceramic, pottery, copper, stone and glass.

Glass has become extremely popular because they not only look amazing but also are very durable. Imagine a blue, gold, black, orange or red glass sink, designed in any shape and size and then imagine it resting on a marble or stone countertop or mounted to the wall. Unlike some sinks, glass goes with any décor.

Let's not forget how shapely sinks have become over the last decade. You no longer have to settle for the standard round sink, but can choose from square, oval, flower shaped and so on to create a unique design.

For the master or family bathroom, homeowners are transforming old dressers or favorite pieces of furniture into a vanity cabinet. Given the popularity of the furniture-style cabinet, many cabinet companies are designing their vanities to look like antique furniture.

Before you get caught in a trend, be sure you choose a bathroom sink appropriately for each room. For example a guest bathroom will require minimal cleaning, while the main bathrooms will be used and abused on a daily basis. Still a popular choice for the family room and powder rooms are vitreous-china pedestal and wall-mounted sinks. They are extremely durable and now extremely fashionable.

While shopping for sinks, you should take a look at one of the newest fixtures in residential bathrooms - the electronic faucet. The electronic faucet is a great and "green" way to complement your bathroom sink. If you're looking for cleanliness, convenience and energy efficiency, the electronic faucet is definitely a practical and stylish alternative.

Once you have chosen the type of bathroom sink that will fit into the size and design of your bathroom, you need to make sure that the exact dimensions of the sink are just right for the area where you plan to have it placed. Also, you need to consider the faucets that you plan to install. The faucets should have the correct holes and be just the right size to go with your sink. Don't forget to make sure that your sink and all its fixtures are practical and functional, since the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your home.

Design Tip
The bathroom sink has come a long way from its humble beginnings to a very exciting and functional work of art. This is particularly true of the vessel sink, which breaks the traditional rules of choosing bathroom fixtures that are all in the same color family and made from the same material. While it's important for your vessel sink to coordinate with the other fixtures in your bathroom, you don't need it to match them. In fact, standing out is what a vessel sink is all about.