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Designing Your Bathroom

Designing Your Bathroom As you begin to build your new home, don't overlook the bathroom because it is probably the most visited room in your home. There are lots of ways to create a unique bathroom design for your new home to complement your taste, style, needs and budget.

When you begin to design your new bathroom, one of the first things you need to decide is what kind of overall look and function you want from your bathroom. The theme you choose will be your guide in deciding what kind of lighting, color and fixtures will work best in you new bathroom design.

Here are a few of the most popular bathroom designs to get you started:

A country design favors a warm, cozy and slightly rugged look. Some of its trademarks are natural materials such as wood and stone and handmade pieces. To achieve a real country feel have curtains made from old-fashioned fabrics in rich, warm tones. If you prefer something more delicate try using pastel shades and brass and porcelain fixtures. Some additional country touches are patterned wallpaper, pedestal sinks, freestanding tubs, wicker baskets, peg racks, wooden cabinets and vanities, and vintage-style accents. A country theme works best with large windows for lots of natural lighting and an adequate size bathroom for all the fixtures and extra decorative accessories.

If you're looking for sleek lines, solid colors and smooth surfaces you'll want to incorporate a contemporary design. This design works best in a large open space with minimal accessories. You can add some contrast to this design by pairing a sleek countertop with a rugged stone sink or adding abstract art to a plain white wall. Cabinets and countertops are generally made of wood, tile, or stone and use metal accents for knobs and handles. Other common design elements include raised granite bowls, stainless steel faucets, warm -colored tiles, mixing of stone and wood, minimal ornamentation, and low-key, directional lighting.

The traditional theme gets its inspiration from the elegance and timelessness of 18th-century European design. The key to a successful traditional design is how you take relatively classic colors and basic fixtures and accent them to create a luxurious look and feel to your new bathroom. Some simple design elements are decorating a window with rich drapery or using an elaborate vintage faucet on a plain porcelain sink. What's nice about a traditional design is that it works great in all size bathrooms. Some common accessories included brass accents, vintage decorations, oval, yet elegant mirrors and rich floral designs for your walls and curtains and upholstered furniture if you have the space.

Once you've decided what theme you want for your design, you can begin to choose what bathroom fixtures and accessories you want for you new bathroom. Keep in mind that the size of your bathroom will greatly impact the overall design of your bathroom. You have many different options when it comes to choosing your fixtures, so be sure that your decision is based on cost, function and aesthetics.

Here are some things to consider when you begin to purchase and place your bathroom fixtures:

  • Do you want to have a separate shower and tub area or go with a more traditional set-up that combines your tub and shower?
  • Do you want all the fixtures to match exactly or do you want to mix and match styles, colors and materials?
  • Will you need to have all your storage area in your bathroom or do you have a hallway closet you can use?
  • Be sure to take into consideration the height of your fixtures and available floor space.
  • Have your done your homework and researched the latest faucets, showerheads and toilets so you know what brand and features you want from these fixtures, since they will endure the most use and abuse in your bathroom? Purchasing the most energy-efficient products for your new bathroom will save you money down the road and conserve water.

Design Tip
Keep in mind that not all designs will work for every bathroom. For example a loud, colorful theme can overpower a small bathroom, and a contemporary design can make a large bathroom look empty and uninviting. You can easily get inspired by browsing through bathroom design magazines and websites or if you're not that creative, consult with an interior designer who will be able to help you choose the best design for your bathroom.