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Summer Sale | Take 15% Off ALL House Plans | Code: SUMMER15

Shop Smart with a Kitchen Appliance Suite

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

Designing your kitchen is the most intensive and expensive part of building your own home, so make sure you go in with a plan! Countertops, cabinets, flooring, and plumbing and lighting fixtures are all important, but your appliances will really set the tone for the space. They offer a unique combination of practical and aesthetic value, so you have to consider your choices from all angles. That can be difficult when you have multiple parts to coordinate—make it easier on yourself by shopping for a suite that covers all your bases!

Whirlpool Suite with Slide-In Electric Range and Over-the-Range Microwave

At the very least, your range and over-range microwave should match! Whirlpool® offers a two-piece suite that pairs the Slide-In Electric Range and Flush Built-In Over-the-Range Microwave. The bold black glass surfaces with stainless trim definitely make a statement!

Do you know what you’re looking for in kitchen appliances? Some people may put priority on the refrigerator for ample fresh food storage while others insist on a double oven so they can cook and/or bake more recipes at once. Every household’s needs are different and there are plenty of suites available to address them. Here are the things to keep in mind as you shop.

Budget – How much money can you earmark for appliances? A suite makes it easier to stay on budget because it shows one price for the whole package, and you can quickly and easily narrow the options down based on what you’re looking for, be it a starter, standard, or premium set. Best of all, you’ll often see savings when you buy appliances in a suite rather than individually—that could be a few hundred to thousands of dollars that stay in your pocket!

KitchenAid Multi-Task Suite

The Multi-Task suite from KitchenAid® is designed for tackling more tasks at once with the Smart Oven+ 30” Combination Oven with Powered Attachments and 36” 5 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop. Space them out and enjoy having elbow room in the kitchen!

Suite Size – Are you looking for just a couple pieces, the full basics, or a complete suite with all the bells and whistles? You’ll find plenty of pairs—a range and microwave, a fridge and range, etc.—made to match as well as suites with everything you need to finish your kitchen. Four-piece sets including the fridge, range, over-range microwave, and dishwasher are plenty for most families, but if you have a larger kitchen and budget, you may want to spread out your cooking capabilities with a separate cooktop, hood, wall oven(s), and microwave. And if that’s not enough, even additional appliances like beverage centers, coffee makers, and stand mixers can be added into the mix.

Freestanding or Built-In – What sort of installation are you prepared for? A freestanding suite will have a refrigerator and range that slide into place while built-in appliances require custom cabinetry to fit properly into the kitchen. That’s not the only difference, though. Some people prefer the cohesive look of built-in appliances, but because they’re made to be flush with cabinets, they’re less deep than freestanding models. That means you need a wider built-in fridge to get the same storage space as a standard freestanding one—pay attention to dimensions to ensure you get the volume you expect.

JennAir Rise Range and Coffee System and Column Refrigeration

Want to select the appliances you want for your own custom suite? JennAir® makes it easy with their package builder tool. This luxury kitchen features a RISE™ Dual Fuel Professional Range, RISE™ 24" Built-in Coffee System, and chic paneled Column Refrigeration.

Gas or Electric – Even if the range/cooktop is the only appliance in question, an entire suite may be designated a gas or electric package. Kitchens are usually designed one way or the other—with a dedicated gas line or a 240V outlet—so you have to work with what you have unless you’re ready for a renovation. If you’re building new, let your contractor know what you want early on. Expect to see a price difference—it costs more to buy a gas appliance than an electric one, but gas costs less than electricity and you’ll recoup the buying price over time. It’s more important to invest in the cooking experience you prefer!

Finishes – It may seem like all black or stainless steel appliances should match, but that isn’t always the case. And beyond the surface itself, design features like handles and knobs also define appliances. Those who want a unified look will appreciate a packaged suite that matches distinguishing finishes, but you can also build a suite with your own selections. Some brands offer a variety of finishing features and collections that make it easy to build a matching suite, but there are no rules—you may find that a mixed package offers the perfect aesthetics and functionality.

Whatever sort of appliances you’re looking for, you’ll find awesome suites from Whirlpool®, KitchenAid®, and JennAir® across all price points! They have curated packages or you can choose to build your own with the pieces you need to complete your dream kitchen. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or take a look at a local showroom to get a feel for the options!


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