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Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas The kitchen is probably the most important room to have proper lighting design. The goal in kitchen lighting design is to create a bright working space combined with various layers of light to create ambiance. Lighting should accommodate the work and meal preparation, but also be right for entertaining and dining. From chandeliers to recessed and track lighting to sconces, the combinations and options are endless for your new kitchen.

Important Considerations For Kitchen Lighting:

  • Make sure that the lighting fixtures you choose are proportionate to the size of your kitchen.
  • All your kitchen lighting should be on a dimmer switch so you can easily turn up the light when you need task light or turn down the brightness to add ambience to your dining experience.
  • Be sure that the fixtures you choose will give you ample light in work areas. For example, places like over the sink and island counters need bright task light.
  • Certain fixtures and light bulbs can create poor light and leave an unwanted glare on certain kitchen surfaces. Carefully research your light fixtures and if you’re still not search consult with a lighting expert.
  • Make sure you know your color scheme and the surfaces being used in your kitchen because they can affect how well your space reacts to light. For example, dark colors tend to absorb more light than lighter colors and shiny surfaces will reflect light.