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Enhancing Your Entryway with Fypon® Products

by Lauren Busser The House Designers’ Editorial Director

When a guest walks up to your home the first thing they’ll encounter is your entryway. The door and the details surrounding it all serve to give your entryway the perfectly polished look that reminds visitors of the homes they see in home and design magazines. Fypon® offers several products that are perfect for enhancing your home’s entryway so it will be the envy of the neighborhood. Their polyurethane product are extremely durable and resist insects, moisture, rotting, cracking, warping and peeling ensuring that your investment will last for years to come.

Fypon Woodgain Structural Columns

Woodgrain Structural Columns from Fypon® are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can find more woodgrain products in Fypon’s® Stone and Timber collection. The collection features pieces with rich textures that resemble traditional cast concrete and timber accents.


Pillars and columns have been a design staple for years. You can see them in several design styles from Southern to traditional house plans and even Greco-Roman inspired designs. While you may imagine the Parthenon or a Southern Plantation, you don’t have to limit your imagination to simple white columns. Fypon® offers Woodgrain Structural Columns that are great for adding a touch of the rustic to your design.

Beautiful and strong, the Woodgrain Structural Columns are designed with a reinforced steel interior that has a load-bearing capacity of 12,000 pounds, providing high strength with the look of wood but with all the benefits of Fypon® polyurethane products. The columns also come with all the installation hardware included for easy ordering and the pre-primed columns are ready for paint or stain so they blend seamlessly into your home.

Fypon Craftsman Door Surround Kits

The Craftsman Door Surround Kit from Fypon® ties together your entryway with a crosshead and set of pilasters.

Door Surround Kits

Earlier this year, Fypon® introduced a number of Door Surround Kits that include molding and trim to perfectly accent the doorway to any home. Door Surround kits are offered in Craftsman, Colonial, Stone, and Empire styles to compliment almost any home. These kits offer a dynamic and fast way for building professionals to enhance a home’s entryway with low-maintenance and weather-resistant polyurethane materials.

Packaged together, these pre-designed kits include a set of pilasters and a crosshead for a single door opening. The Stone kit includes three pieces of flat blocks and a keystone that can be cut to size to fit a single door opening. Additionally, the stones can either be butted or mitered to make the surround.

Craftsman, Colonial, end Empire are designed to be used with single-door openings. Recently, they introduced new kits that consist of pilasters and crossheads that can be used with multiple configurations including: a single door, single door with one sidelite, single door with two sidelites or with double doors.

The Olmstead House Plan Exterior

The Olmstead House Plan features a beautiful entryway with columns and a wood door. Both are perfect candidates for durable Fypon® polyurethane products.