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Bold Front Door Colors That Pop

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

Whatever sort of home you have, and wherever you live, accenting your façade with a front door that stands out is a great way to add curb appeal. The entry not only naturally draws the eye, but it’s also a relatively easy and inexpensive area to add some color. It’s no wonder the front door has been the place to highlight on homes throughout history! If you’d like to make your entry a bold point of interest, here are some color ideas to consider.

Therma-Tru Smooth-Star in Ruby Red

This Smooth-Star® entry (Style No. S2103-SDL) features a vibrant, factory-applied PrismaGuard Ruby Red paint finish backed by a 10-year warranty. The smooth door surface is made for paint, so you can also customize it with the exterior product of your choice.

Striking Warm Hues

Warm colors are particularly conspicuous on homes because they’re used sparingly in exterior design. Shades of red—think true red to burgundy—stand out beautifully on most façades, but oranges and yellows require a bit more attention to ensure proper contrast. For example, a bright red door will stand out against a house of practically any color, but a yellow door can blend in and/or clash against popular shades of tan. The goal is to make the door pop against its background, so you have to look at the whole picture. That said, complementary hues exist across the whole color spectrum, so if you know you want a door of a tricky color, just match your siding to it.

You’ll find red front doors on everything from classic farmhouses and colonials, to traditional brownstones, to dynamic contemporary designs. In the old days, red doors were used to mark a house that was welcoming to weary travelers who needed to rest for the night; although that tradition no longer exists, the appeal of a red door does for anybody who wants to welcome guests with an immediately identifiable house that stands out on the street. The same can be said for orange and yellow doors, which also stand out nicely when paired with gray or blue siding. They are often described as energetic and cheerful on traditional home styles, but when used on modern homes with unique door designs, some would say they’re eclectic. In any case, look into warm-colored doors if you want your front entrance to grab attention.

Therma-Tru Smooth-Star Collection

Even against a white background, this deep blue-green entry (Style No. 82103-SDLF1) stands out thanks to touches of foliage and natural wood-toned shutters. A custom color like this is a great way to go if you have a particular vibe in mind!

Distinctive Cool Colors

On the other side of the spectrum, cool colors offer a more subdued effect. Shades of blue, green, and purple don’t jump out as much as warm tones, but they can still have a big visual impact, if that’s what you want! For example, navy doors add a subtle regal touch whereas aqua doors look bright and fun. A forest-colored door leaves a sophisticated impression while sage is more rustic, and lime pops to draw the eye. Deep purple looks rich and mysterious, but lavender is gentle and calming. As you can probably tell, most cool-colored doors err on the darker, traditional side. If you want your home to have a new and updated feel, try branching out to the lighter hues.

You might not notice cool-colored doors as often, but they are represented across a wide variety of architectural styles. It’s easy to overlook a dark door on a basic white or neutral façade, so make sure the color you choose is just light enough—at least—if you want it to define your house. Cool hues are often seen on ornate homes, like Victorian and Craftsman designs that feature colorful exteriors, because they play well with others—they don’t clash with standard neutrals, pop against warm tones, and even look great when used together because blue, green, and purple are very distinct. It all comes down to how each part differentiates itself and completes the whole!

Therma-Tru Smooth-Star in Onyx

A grayscale exterior design can make even neutral shades seem bold! Another Smooth-Star® entry (Style No. S31), the onyx finish shown here is offset especially well thanks to the white sidelites and door surround.

High-Contrast Tones

You can use contrast to define the front door even in the absence of true color. Black front doors look fantastic on all kinds of homes whether they have colorful siding or not. They have been used for centuries to impart an elegant and fashionable finish, so don’t shy away from them by thinking they sound spooky or Gothic. Black doors even work well with dark façades so long as they’re highlighted by a white surround to draw the eye! Of course, you can soften the look with a dark gray or subtly tinted door if black seems too daring. Remember: a door that makes any statement is better than choosing something bland and boring.

If you’re in the market for a bold front door, check out all that Therma-Tru® has to offer! With a variety of collections spanning all architectural styles, you can find the perfect fit for any home. They have paintable and stainable products to ensure you get the final look you want whether you opt for a PrismaGuard Premium Finish or choose to finish on-site. Find a local dealer to discuss the possibilities!