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Why You'll Love Natural Wood Decking

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, decks are popular because they adapt to uneven terrain and offer a host of design possibilities. Whether you want something simple or a full outdoor kitchen and living space, a deck makes a wonderful addition to a home that’ll increase your own enjoyment as well as your property value. It’s not just a matter of extending the feel of the interior outside—the materials and construction also affect the quality of a deck. It all begins and ends with what you choose to build it with, so here’s why you can’t go wrong with natural wood decking!

Kebony Deck Board

This Kebony Deck Board with Step-Clip™ Hidden Fasteners offers gorgeous natural woodgrain texture and a super sleek screw-free finish on the surface. It also installs quickly and easily to save on labor!

Unmistakable Visual Appeal

With composite alternatives flooding the market, you might think that natural wood decking has fallen by the wayside. That’s definitely not the case! Take one look at the clunky faux woodgrain textures and not-quite-right coloring of manmade decking materials and you’ll ditch the big box store to head to the local lumberyard instead. So many people still gravitate to and insist on natural wood products for all over the house despite the abundance of synthetics. Why? They just look so much better.

There’s no substitution for the color variation and unique grain patterns of natural wood. Every plank is truly one-of-a-kind; while this individuality might not seem all that important at first, it contributes to a balanced picture overall. Manufactured products lack dimensionality and repeat patterns, so they can look awkward and incredibly fake. So, if you want a beautiful deck that looks great from up close and afar, invest in real wood. From the warm hues of freshly cut lumber to the neutral patina built up over time, a natural deck complements its outdoor surroundings as well as any exterior design scheme it’s placed up against.

Kebony Deck Board

With granite tile, polished black river rocks, and a stone fence, this modern pool area could come off as very hard and stark. The wood deck helps soften the look while keeping to the theme—natural resources.

An Eco-Friendly & Biophilic Choice

If you think harvesting trees is automatically bad for your carbon footprint, think again. Wood is a renewable resource that sequesters carbon, so it actually makes a very eco-friendly building choice. Responsibly managed forests can produce lumber while still supporting a healthy ecosystem—the best thing you can do is put your money behind that effort! On the other hand, alternatives actually release carbon during production and can eventually contribute to plastic pollution at the end of their useful lifespans. Natural wood decking is the clear environmental winner now and in the future.

Adding elements of the environment into developed spaces—both commercial and residential—also benefits people. Biophilic design aims to promote calm and reduce stress by incorporating natural colors, textures, and materials on streets, in office buildings, and at home. You’d be surprised how even just a few plants can change the atmosphere! You’ll have easier access to nature with your outdoor living space, but you can still maximize the effect. A wood deck stands out well above the competition in this respect, too!

Kebony Deck Board

After five years, this Kebony deck has developed a beautiful natural patina just like any other wood. The modification process the boards underwent in manufacturing means it can look great without any upkeep!

Surprising Durability

People who opt against natural wood decking usually do so out of concern for longevity. They think wood requires much more care than concrete, plastic, or pavers, and homeowners who aren’t keen on maintenance might look to alternatives. In reality, even decks built with regular lumber can require little upkeep. Tropical hardwoods are exceptionally durable, but these trees take so long to grow that they don't make a good environmental choice. Pine and cedar are more eco-friendly, but you will have to seal or paint the deck at least every few years to keep wear and tear at bay. Homeowners have had to choose between durability and sustainability in the past, but now they can get the best of both worlds!

Innovation isn’t limited to synthetic materials. Kebony® Deck Board takes responsibly harvested pine—a relatively abundant and quick-growing species—and puts it through an environmentally friendly modification process that thickens the cell walls of the wood throughout the full thickness of the board. The final product has greatly increased stability and hardness to rival the performance of tropical hardwoods and comes with an expected lifespan of 50 to 75 years with no maintenance. That’s longer than the usable lifespans of alternatives including composite decking and even concrete patios!

Take a look at Kebony® if you’re in the market for a new deck! Their extraordinarily durable natural wood decking checks all the boxes—it’s beautiful and can be finished or left unfinished to develop patina over time, they only use Forest Stewardship Council-certified pine to ensure sustainability, and you can forget about upkeep entirely. This decking can be installed in four ways depending on how you want it to look, and it’s easy enough for a DIY-er to handle. Order Kebony Direct or find it at a local dealer to see the possibilities for yourself!