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What's Hot In Home Theater

It is not easy shopping for electronics. Gone are the days when a TV was a TV, a radio was a radio, and a stereo was a stereo. Now that there are so many new products and manufacturers in the consumer electronics industry, the choices are endless.

Home Theater

Imagine kicking back to watch your favorite movies with a home theater system that delivers cinema quality in the comfort of your own living room!

The following is a list of hot home theater products:

DTV Converter Boxes

With all analog television transmissions scheduled to end on February 17, 2009, the DTV Converter Box makes for a hot item for anyone with an analog TV. The DTV box will convert the new digital television signals to an analog signal that can still be accepted by your current television. The downside is you will need to purchase a Converter Box for every analog television you have.

Blu-ray Disc Players

Now that Blu-ray has been around for a bit, the cost of a player has dropped considerably and itʼs available in more varieties. Just remember if you donʼt have a high definition television (HDTV), it would be like buying an over-priced DVD player.

LCD and Plasma Flat Panel Televisions

LCD and Plasma Flat panel televisions remain one of the most desired products of 2008. Prices have come down significantly this year, with many 32-inch size LCD and 42-inch Plasma televisions selling below $1,300. With prices falling, performance going up, and more screen size options available, LCD and Plasma televisions are quickly dominating the market.

DVD Recorders

One of the biggest complaints from going from VCR to DVD was that the DVD player could not record like the VCR. The DVD recorder was first introduced five years ago, but with a price tag in the thousands. Now you can find name brand models in the low hundreds. DVD recorders now come in several configurations, including DVD recorder/hard drive combos and DVD Recorder/VCR Combos.

Home Theater-In-A-Box Systems

Want to have a home theater system, but not the hassle of buying everything and figuring out how to install it? Then a home theater system-in-a-box may be just for you. These are not generally high-end systems, but in a price range from $200 to $2,000 they will feed your basic needs.

Digital Sound Projectors, Surround Bars, and 3-in-1 Speaker Systems

In addition to Home Theater-in-a-Box System, there is a new product category that is getting a lot of attention. This category includes Digital Sound Projectors, Surround Bars, and 3-in-1 Speaker Systems. These types of system are great for those who don't want excessive connecting wires or don't have space for separate components and speakers. This system produces a surround sound listening environment using one speaker box, or one speaker box paired with a separate subwoofer.

Home Theater Receivers with XM and/or Sirius Satellite Radio

In addition to home theater audio and video features, a hot new feature is being added to new home theater receivers and systems with the addition of XM and Sirius satellite radio tuners. XM and Sirius radio are paid subscription listening services. You must purchase a special radio tuner/antenna, as well as pay a monthly fee for the service.

The iPOD In Home Theater

While there are countless gadgets to accessorize the iPod, one of the newest trends is connecting an iPod docking station to a Home Theater Receiver so you can play your personal music collection through your home theater system.