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Front Doors with Chic Minimalist Style

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

Anybody who loves the streamlined aesthetic of modern design will be happy to know that the building industry continues to serve up beautiful finishing products for the style. As this architecture simplifies structures down to neat silhouettes—think basic shapes rather than complex ones dressed up with decorative elements—you have only a few key parts of the façade to work with. The main entry takes the most attention, so make sure it’s the highlight it needs to be! Here are a few ways to make your modern home stand out with a stylish yet minimalist door.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Visionary Collection Walnut Grain

Brand new to the market, this walnut grain door (Style No. CCW902R) delivers a striking look in the simplest way. Instead of using lites and decorative glass or rails and stiles to dress up its look, it has a single flush panel body with a pattern of routed lines carved in. You can see other designs here.

Geometric Lines

Modern design is all about clean lines. You can find beauty in the form and function of practically any object by reducing it down to its elements, but lines themselves are often beautiful in their own right. A lot of abstract art that falls under the modern and contemporary genres is geometric in nature; it uses very simple lines and shapes to create something much more visually interesting than the sum of its parts. If the blank canvas of a plain flush door is too stark for your tastes, a few lines might be all you need to make it stand out.

It doesn’t take much, because a handful of shadow lines makes a world of difference! By carving shallow, straight lines into the surface, it breaks up the monotonous plane and color of the door. And it allows you to select your own design! Whether you like the lengthening effect of vertical lines, the definition of horizontal lines, a design that incorporates both to create right angles, or even some diagonal lines for a more eclectic touch, you’ll find options. Most patterns are asymmetrical to attract the eye, and there’s a good mix of whole-door designs and others that concentrate the lines along the edges. The wide range of stylish, straightforward patterns allows you to complement all sorts of modern architecture.

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Visionary Collection 5-Lite Shaker-Style Entry

With Shaker-style construction, a fir woodgrain finish, and five lites stacked top to bottom, this stylish door (Style No. CCA2320-SDLF3) and matching sidelites (Style No. CCA2320SL-SDLF3) definitely stand out. They feature clear low-E glass for efficiency and to match windows on the rest of the house.

Bold Glass Elements

Whether you want to keep it simple with regular clear glass, or you prefer decorative or privacy glass that adds more personality to the look, door lites are another way to install a pattern on the façade. You have to match the glass to the lite(s) because decorative patterns don’t always work well with the shape/size of the opening(s), so start by deciding what you prefer. Do you like the bolder contrast between the door material and its glass lites, or does a large, captivating glass pattern have just the right vibe for your home and style?

Those focused on minimalist design usually let the lite pattern set the tone. The contrast between the door’s rails and stiles and the lites showing through can be seen from near and far, inside and out, day and night. Square, Shaker-style construction keeps the transitions crisp for a very neat look whether you choose clear glass or one of the privacy glass types. They aren’t as fancy as decorative glasses with all their caming and transitions, but privacy glass does have variety; you can get a flowy effect with chinchilla glass, clean vertical lines with reeded glass, cubic texture with geometric glass, etc. Even simple modern lites are packed with design potential!

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Visionary Collection 3/4 Lite Door with Zaha Glass

This home uses color to make a statement. The 3/4 lite, 1 panel door (Style No. CCV1843) features a smooth paintable surface, and a deep blue tone was chosen to complement the orange elements on the façade. The Zaha™ glass also adds detail and interest to this bold yet simple exterior

Color That Pops

There’s no architectural style more suited to a bold pop of color than modern. A bright hue that pushes the limits of traditional tastes or stands in sharp contrast to its surroundings draws the eyes straight to it in the most efficient way. As the front door is a focal point, it is the best feature on a house to emphasize with color. And as a single feature, you won’t risk overcomplicating your minimalist design scheme if you decide to put your color here!

You have to look at the whole picture to figure out what will work. Even wood tones can stand out depending on the home’s siding, but most who go this route do so with paint to ensure their doors can’t be missed. A bright color on a neutral backdrop is one way to do it, but you can also choose a more subdued color for the door if it’s surrounded by something that offsets it. Look into color theory—complementary colors pop and balance nicely—but also keep the nuance of tints and shades in mind. You don’t have to choose super saturated colors if you don’t want to, because there is a limitless spectrum of possibilities.

If any of these doors have piqued your interest, there are plenty more where they come from! The new Classic Craft® Visionary Collection™ from Therma-Tru® has a variety of beautiful doors inspired by modern minimalism. With options perfect for bold contemporary designs, organic architecture, and giving practically any home a sleek modern update, you can select the right fit for your vision. Find a local dealer to discuss the possibilities!