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Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

Outdoor Kitchen Flooring Before you begin your product selection for grills, fireplaces, refrigerators and furniture be sure that you have chosen the right floor for your outdoor kitchen area, particularly if you're shooting for a high-end outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining. You'll want to choose a floor that reflects your style and taste and compliments your home's exterior décor. But don't let fashion override safety, particularly if your outdoor kitchen adjoins a pool or spa area and is uncovered.

You should avoid glazed or porous tiles and stone since they can get slippery when they are wet. Some popular choices are concrete, brick, ceramic tile and natural stone.

From a price and safety standpoint, concrete remains the most popular outdoor flooring option. To enhance the look of concrete, you can now get it colored, stamped or finished with a rock salt. If you can afford to spend more, then it is worth considering concrete tiles or flagstones, which are available in a variety of colors and textures.

When it comes to style keep in mind other areas of your home that use stone or brick and try to match or complement the style of those features. When you begin to design your outdoor kitchen floor you'll want to map out the actual area you want for a kitchen space. Then you'll want to change up the flooring so it stands out from the rest of your outdoor living space.

Once you have the look and design of your floor, you'll want to protect your floor by applying a good-quality sealer to protect your flooring from oil and wine spills. If you choose a stamped floor, make sure that the grooves aren't too deep so you can level your furniture and appliances.