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Why You'll Love Downsizing for Your Next Home

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

Overall, housing data trends show that the average new home is increasing in square footage, but people are also choosing to downsize in large numbers. For some, the cost of living makes it a necessity, but most just want to lead simpler lifestyles—and the effects of going small are appreciated all around. If you’re not sure that you really need all the space you’ve become accustomed to, here are some of the benefits you can expect when you opt for a smaller house!

Reduced Property Taxes

Imagine halving your yearly tax check. Not only is that a huge relief of a burden, but it also gives you more money to put into savings or toward something fun like a vacation. When you aren’t spending that significant portion of your income on simply owning a large home, you’ll quickly come to enjoy greater financial freedom and what you can do with it.

Green THD-3086

Three bedrooms, 1,529 square feet, ENERGY STAR® approval, and a charming exterior fit for any location make House Plan 3086 a fantastic choice for the downsizing family.

Reduced Utility Bills

You’ll see savings every single month with less space to heat and cool, and that adds up quickly. You will probably also see a drop in electricity usage, because you won’t need nearly as much lighting to feel like your home is bright and comfortable. And every bill will remind you that you made a smart decision!

Reduced Time and Money Spent on Maintenance

Houses are made for living in, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to give back to them. Your home demands cleaning and regular upkeep, and that can be exhausting. Less open space means less to sweep, vacuum, and mop. There’s less surface area for dust to settle on. If a pet comes running inside with muddy paws, the mess is contained and cleaning it isn’t as daunting as if it were spread across thousands of square feet. It’s definitely a load off!

THD-9799 The Danbury

House Plan 9799 is the perfect little modern home with two bedrooms and a very open floor plan from the kitchen through to the living room, so you can live larger than you think in only 892 square feet!

Simpler Living for Retirement

Once you’re ready to settle down and enjoy your golden years, why would you want to bother with a home that’s larger than you need? Not only can you preserve your precious retirement savings, but it’ll also be easier to move around and lead a normal life if reduced mobility becomes an issue. You’ll be happy that all your spaces are packaged into a close and neat design that saves you from trekking across the house to get a drink from the kitchen.

Increased Leisure

All of this comes together to affect your entire lifestyle. People who downsize ultimately report a huge decrease in stress because they shed their large mortgage, cut down on material possessions, and start to pocket more of their income. Choosing a smaller house means you can do more of what you want, not what you have to because you need to sustain a hefty investment.


A compact traditional plan with a very efficient shape, House Plan 7914 offers a convenient home of 1,888 square feet with three bedrooms and the laundry room upstairs.

The Takeaway

People are realizing that less really can be more when it comes to houses. The size of a house is often used as a social barometer that tells people of the success and social standing of its occupants, but with all the amazing advantages that downsizing offers, homeowners are eschewing these old notions. Why live contrary to practicality if that’s more important to you?

Don’t be senselessly swayed into a larger home than you need just because. If you really want the extra space, that’s fine, but it won’t do anything good for you if you don’t. In that case, downsize your living arrangements and you’ll definitely love the benefits that result. Explore our Small House Plan Collection for designs under 2,000 square feet, and if you're really committed to minimizing the place you call home, our Tiny House Plan Collection has blueprints under 1,000 square feet!