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How to Get Bids

How to Get Bids If you have decided not to be your own contractor, you will have to find someone to build your home. Don't cut corners when you make the decision on your contractor. Thoroughly research and get bids from several contractors. It is worth the effort to find a builder that meets your budget requirements and makes you feel confident in them.

Here are some helpful tips for accepting bids from contractors:

* Always get more than one estimate.

* Never base your choice solely on lowest price.

* Don't hire a contractor you are already uncomfortable with. You can't always fall back on legal remedies if you have problems with them later.

* Research the contractors before hiring them. If your state has a licensing board for contractors, use them to learn of any prior issues or complaints.

* Check for complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.

* Be sure to thoroughly interview the contractor candidates. Ask about their worker's compensation insurance and get their policy number and insurance company contact information so you can verify everything. If they aren't covered, you could be liable for any work-related injury incurred during the project.

* Make sure the contractor has an umbrella general liability policy.

* If the contractor only suggests changes that are lower cost or only higher prices, do not hire them. Choose one who suggests both. Your chosen contractor should consider quality factors along with price reduction.

* Base your choice on past work of the contractor. If they are good, they will gladly provide referrals. Get names of the referrals. Call and if possible, drive by.

* Local business owners can also give a good point of view of the contractor. Talk to people the contractor deals with such as bankers, material suppliers, or local officials.

* The contractor should be knowledgeable with a helpful attitude. They should consider things that are in your best interest.

* Last, but not least, use your common sense. Don't rush into a decision no matter how competitive the market may seem. Never pay a deposit on the first meeting with a contractor.