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10 Free Worksheets for Building Your New Home

Helpful Worksheets to Keep You Organized

Being organized, no matter what you are doing, always makes life easier. This is especially true when building a home. Keeping your home building project organized in a 3-ring binder will save you time and money and help make the experience stress free and pleasurable.

The more information you have as a homeowner, the more it helps your contractor and everyone else on the job understand what you want. Not being specific about your ideas is what causes costly change orders and delays. You'll want to take your organizer with you everywhere you go during the home building process. Creating an organizer is easy to do.

We've included some great worksheets to help you make sense of your building project.

You will need Adobe PDF Reader to view and print these worksheets. Download Adobe PDF Reader.

Setting up Your Organizer:

You will have an electronic file of a lot of documents like plumbing fixtures, lighting ideas, furniture, estimates that have been e-mailed, etc. on your computer, but it is very important that you keep a 3-ring binder with you from the design stage all the way until your home is built and ready to move in.

Take the guessing out of making decisions and make your shopping ultra productive by having everything you need at your fingertips. As you walk into the furniture store having a super sale, with your binder that has your floor plan, window sizes, paint swatches, etc., and if you see something you like for the right price, you can make an informed decision right there on the spot. Or let's say you're in your local home supply store and you see a faucet you'd love to have in your kitchen sink. You open your binder and the kitchen hardware and sink specifications tell you if it's a fit or not. The binder is also great for saving money. You will be selecting so many different products and home goods, and the binder will help you keep all the different estimates and prices handy to make the best decisions.

After your project is done and you are living in your new home, your binder will be your map of where you started and everything that you accomplished along the way. If you ever decide to build another house, this binder will be your bible. If you live in your home for years and years to come, your binder will be a great benefit to anyone you know who is building or renovating their home.