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What Women Want In Home Design

When it comes to what women want in design features for their new home, it's unanimous that features like mud rooms and spa baths are commonly requested. Here are some of the more popular changes women make to home plans before they leave the drawing board.

THD-4912 Storybook House Plan

The Storybook house plan has a mud room and laundry room, both desirable features in a new home. Read more about THD-4912 here.
  • Mud rooms are a must have for most women, who don't want the front entrance to their home to be flooded with shoes, sneakers, school bags and sporting equipment. A mud room is usually informal and designed as a back or side entrance for the family. Depending on the size of the space, many women would like to have their laundry room incorporated into this area as well. If not, the second most popular request for a laundry room is next to the bedrooms. If there's no space on the second floor for a laundry room, see if your designer can incorporate a laundry shoot.
  • Speaking of laundry rooms, there is no woman or adult that would disagree that a laundry room is an essential element to any home design. In many cases women have asked to have a small bedroom or flexible space converted into a laundry room.
  • As more and more families become blended, the need for flexible spaces and open floor plans are key in creating a healthy home environment. Designs that incorporate bonus rooms, future space and flexible spaces will definitely draw the attention of a female house plan purchaser.
  • There will never be enough storage to last the many years you live and grow in your home, but it will take some of the stress off by adding as many storage elements to your new home design as possible - walk-in pantry, media centers, walk-in closets, corner shelving, window seats and as many closets as the floor plan will allow. While the garage is generally considered the "guys" part of the house, women are starting to take interest in the added storage and extra space most new garage designs offer.
  • Since formal dining rooms are generally a thing of the past, we get many requests to turn a formal dining room into a bedroom or office.
  • When it comes to the kitchen, women always want the very best.from the latest appliances, faucets and sinks, countertops, floors and cabinetry. And architects and designers continue to create unique, yet functional kitchens the whole family can enjoy and share.
Design Tip
This year, honor your mom with an eco-friendly present, especially if your mother is trying to create a green and healthy home atmosphere. Look for decorative items like mirrors, candles, vases and accent furniture made from recycled glass and natural woods like teak and bamboo. How about a robe and slippers made from organic materials? Or how about a nice set of natural towels or sheets. There are so many green products available online and in most fine gift and home furnishing stores that with a little time and imagination you should be able to find the perfect Mother's Day present - one that your mom and Mother Nature will appreciate for years to come.