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Creating a Home Gym in Your New Home!

By Home Ideas Editor, Tammy Crosby

You’ve heard it said, and it’s probably true, that many people who purchase gym memberships end up going to the gym seldom or never.

Having an exercise room in your own home makes it much more convenient to exercise and allows quick work-outs when there’s just not enough time to go to the gym. A home gym also allows the whole family to work out without costly gym memberships.

Consider the time it takes to get to and from a gym. Some days, 30 minutes may be all the time you have for exercise, so having a suitable place to exercise in your own home may be just what you need to implement a daily exercise routine!

Create a home gym

Yowza’s new Sanibel CardioCore elliptical machine features a more aggressive fixed incline and a recalibrated braking system. Photo from

Your home gym and equipment are a considerable investment. To help you to select the right equipment, we suggest you check out websites such as Yowza Fitness to find equipment that maximizes your work-out, has great customer service and a solid warranty.

Think about when you’d use your exercise room. Before or after work? During prime time TV? When others are asleep?

The answer to this question may help you to decide where in the home the exercise room should be located. For example, if you like to exercise very late or very early, you may want to locate the room as far as possible from bedrooms, so the noise will not disrupt those who may be sleeping.

If you’re into heavy free-weights, the basement is probably your best option, with its solid floor.

Let’s explore different areas of your home that could effectively host your home gym.

indoor home basketball court

Perhaps the ultimate exercise room, a sport court allows you to shoot some hoops under a high ceiling, brightened by both natural and artificial light. View the Olmstead House Plan.

Could you put exercise equipment on one side of the family room? What about in a wide-open basement or in a large library/den? You may find that one room could have multiple uses. If not we have a collection of house plans with a gym.

Will you have a spare bedroom? Consider repurposing that bedroom and making it into an exercise room. When browsing plans, keep in mind that the functions of certain rooms are entirely up to you. Almost any room could become an exercise room.

What about an actual home gym (sport court)? Sure, this can be done! If you love basketball, you could be shooting hoops in your very own mini-gym. Because this room would need a rather high ceiling, this feature would need to be incorporated into the blueprints for your new home.

For the busy homeowner add a exercise room to your home design

This fully equipped exercise room is located next to the master suite in The Retreat at Waters Edge House Plan.

Consider having music in the room to help get you moving, and a television to catch up with the news between sets. A water cooler and/or fridge, and a place to store towels are always welcome. Large windows to bring the outdoors in. Floor to ceiling mirrors. Think about what features/amenities would get you excited to return to your exercise room again and again.

If you do decide to create your very own exercise oasis, do remember that the equipment could pose a hazard to small children, so consider locking the doors when it’s not in use, or when kids might not be supervised adequately. Installing a phone in the room is a good precaution.

So, what do you think? Do you have the interest and motivation to incorporate an exercise room into your home plans? With the growing trend to spend more time at home and the many health benefits of exercise, it’s definitely something to consider for your new home.