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Modern Windows for Clear Views & Chic Appeal

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers

You’ll find homes of all architectural styles outfitted with modern windows these days. Between the clean finished look and totally clear views they provide, it’s no wonder so many homeowners and designers specify them! Most modern windows eschew divided lites in favor of expansive single panes, but there are also neat transitional grille patterns, if you want to add a touch of character. In any case, here are the most popular windows for modern aesthetics!

Pella Impervia Fiberglass Picture Window

This Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass picture window expands past the wall to create a nifty plant shelf. It also encloses the view outside beautifully with a sleek, low-profile black frame—just as the name picture implies!

Fixed Windows

If you’ve ever seen a home or building that seems to be made with walls of windows, chances are most of them were fixed or picture windows. This inoperable category is available in the widest range of sizes and in unique shapes. Not only does this allow the windows to fill in under different rooflines, but you can install the perfect window to frame any point of interest—a tree in your yard, mountains in the distance, etc. Fixed windows are ideal for extra-large and floor-to-ceiling applications as well as places you can’t reach, and because they don’t open, they offer the best energy efficiency and security of all window types.

Pella Lifestyle Series Wood Casement Windows

Pella® Lifestyle Series wood casement windows have a variety of grille, finish, and hardware options to complement your style. They open and close with the turn of a crank to provide fresh air and are available with built-in, integrated blinds, shades, and security sensors.

Casement & Awning Windows

Looking for something you can open? Casement windows are the most popular modern option. Hinged on one side, these windows push out or feature a hand crank that makes them easy to open even if placed in hard-to-reach areas. Casement windows are taller than they are wide, come in pretty expansive sizes, and look great when installed in a series—at first glance, you may even mistake them for fixed windows! But they can provide a point of egress in an emergency, so casement windows are the top choice for bedrooms, if only one type of window is installed.

Awning windows swing out from the top edge and are typically wider than they are tall, so they’ve long been favored for bathrooms and basements. Square shapes are common in modern designs and they can be used practically anywhere, though! Because awning windows act as their own canopy when opened, they prevent rain from getting inside—a plus for anybody who uses windows for everyday ventilation.

Pella 250 Series Vinyl Sliding Windows

Pella® 250 Series vinyl sliding windows glide open horizontally from one side to the other and feature automatic locking hardware for peace of mind. They’re a durable, low-maintenance solution, and they even offer an exclusive Hidden Screen to keep the view clear!

Sliding Windows

When you need a window that opens without creating any clearance concerns, sliding windows are your best bet. They feature two sashes side-by-side, so they fit wider openings and have a vertical meeting rail. This is in contrast to single- and double-hung windows that stack their sashes and have a horizontal meeting rail—a much more traditional configuration. Sliding windows offer a sleeker modern aesthetic because the vertical divide doesn’t affect your view of the horizon and you can see the whole landscape from both sides.

Pella Architect Series Contemporary Windows

Want multiple windows to fill one opening? No problem! This combination features Pella® Architect Series® - Contemporary windows with a fixed window atop an awning window, letting in great views while still allowing ventilation.

Combination Windows

Modern designs get creative with glass—while you’ll still find plenty of single windows in homes, you’ll also see tons of combination windows that line multiple in series, stack them, or come up with a completely unique configuration to fill the whole wall. You may want to do this to reduce wall space and maximize natural light, incorporate operable windows around fixed windows for ventilation/egress, or even just to add an extra point of interest. If you’d like to go the combination route, bring up your ideas with your builder early on—some window combos are easy to order and fit, but you may need to discuss a custom design with the experts.

Whatever you have in mind for your home’s windows, Pella® has you covered with an extensive assortment of vinyl, fiberglass, and wood options! You’ll find virtually limitless design options, too, allowing you to tailor both the look and performance to your liking. They also make it easy to get started—just find a showroom or sign up for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities!