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Top Reasons to Invest in Great Garage Doors

by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers®

When you build your own home, you have the opportunity to choose the best products to maximize its curb appeal and value. All parts of the exterior play a role, but with so many product decisions to make, sometimes homeowners make safe, basic choices rather than ones they’ll really love. Garage doors can really contribute a lot to a home, if you choose wisely! Here’s why you should invest in gorgeous garage doors for the betterment of your whole house.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series

Canyon Ridge® Collection Limited Edition Series doors perfectly complement this cottage with wood looks and carriage house style.

Cohesive Curb Appeal

With all the diverse architectural styles out there, of course there are all kinds of garage doors to match. These days, you don’t need to settle for plain white panel doors. You can find styles that actually complement your home and your personal aesthetic tastes. Check out before and after shots to see how homes can transform with the right garage doors. The results can be dramatic!

The effect is especially remarkable when you have a forward-facing garage, as it takes up a large swath of visual real estate. Good doors are an asset regardless of their location, but a home’s view from the street gets noticed and makes an impression. Many think curb appeal is only relevant when trying to sell, but it's what attracts you to certain house plans in the first place. It’s also an asset that can help your home appreciate in value and increase your net worth through equity. Equity is a homeowner’s best friend, and it’s in your best interest to maximize it with an awesome exterior design!

Clopay Coachman Collection

Coachman® Collection doors deliver beauty with minimal upkeep. With four-layer construction, you get efficiency and durability wrapped in woodgrain texture. There are WindCode® options, too!

Style with Durability to Match

The disconnect between aesthetic wants and practical needs isn’t what it used to be. You can invest in quality garage doors that don’t require regular maintenance—even if you want authentic wood looks. Multi-layer construction results in better performance whether you opt for a steel or composite exterior, so you can get the façade you want without worrying about upkeep. These doors require little effort to keep looking their best, and they also offer enhanced durability and energy efficiency. Even busy homeowners can find a solution that meets all their expectations.

What if you need even more from your garage doors? No problem! Certain coastal and hurricane regions have stringent building codes to protect structures against high winds, and garage doors must be designed to withstand powerful wind pressures and impacts from flying debris. You don’t have to trade aesthetics for storm readiness; reinforced garage doors offer greater structural integrity from the inside. So, you can get great style and secure your home in a storm—you’ll find all sorts of amazing doors that make a visual impact and protect your biggest investment!

Clopay Avante Collection

With large glass panels and the opportunity to customize for privacy and natural lighting potential, the Avante® Collection is king for contemporary homes.

Good Return on Investment

If you still aren’t convinced to invest in great garage doors, consider this: the cost not only pays off in immediate curb appeal and safety improvements, but it also recoups value when it comes to resale. The vast majority of home improvements don’t come close to breaking even in the end—even the big ones that buyers want to see the most. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, replacing a garage door recoups 98.3% nationally, and in just under half of all individual markets surveyed, it actually recoups more than 100%. This boost occurs because garage doors are relatively inexpensive compared to the value of the whole house, but they have a huge impact on curb appeal. A great façade is an asset!

If you’d like to explore a variety of garage doors that offer your home enhanced beauty, safety, and value, check out Clopay®. Not only are these some of the most attractive garage doors you’ll ever come across, but they have options suitable for savvy maintainers and maintenance-phobes alike. And you can try before you buy—use their Door Imagination System to test different door builds directly on a photo of your own home to make sure you love it! Take the first step toward an awesome garage and a better home by finding a local authorized dealer today!