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Latest Trends & Designs In Pools

Latest Trends & Designs In Pools One of the biggest trends in home building and remodeling is creating an outdoor living room. At the center of this design is the swimming pool. You'll find fountains, fireplaces, lighting, bars, kitchens, patios and hot tubs being added to the pool area to create a truly personalized and functional outdoor living space.

Here are some of the newest trends and designs for swimming pools:

  • Creating a natural pool environment with boulders or rock formations is a big trend. Many homeowners are incorporating slides, fountains and waterfalls into the boulders and adding stone steps. Foundations are very popular and actually assist in keeping the pool clean.
  • With the increase in green products, homeowners are starting to install saltwater pools. This doesn't mean your pool water will be like the ocean, but rather it uses just enough salinity to keep the pool clean and prevent algae from growing.
  • Don't just add dramatic lighting around your pool area so you can enjoy the evening, but inside the pool itself. LED lighting can provide great, colorful hues.
  • Mostly seen at resorts, sun shelves or tanning ledges are becoming a popular addition to home pools. They range from a large step to a small area that holds lounges.
  • Infinity-edge pools are still in demand to create a dramatic effect. This works particularly well with homes that have a scenic view. The water flows over the side into a catch basin and then is recycled back into the pool.
  • Great for small children and elderly is the beach entry pool. This is a gradual slope that allows you to enter the pool without stairs or ladders.
  • You're starting to see more automation with automatic pool covers and controls. Automatic covers provide protection from the elements, conserve energy and provide safety for small children. Many homeowners are installing automated controls so they can control the spa and pool filters, heaters, lighting and additional water features like fountains from inside their home.

These are only some of the latest elements you can add to your swimming pool to create a unique and enjoyable experience for you and your family.